TeenChickLit.com Has Been Completely Redone

Please make sure to go and check out the new and MUCH improved TeenChickLit.com!  I am still adding books and information, but there is plenty to look at now.

I hope you enjoy it!

I am also looking for teen chick lit reviewers.  There is a contact page on the site where you can email me if you are interested.


2 comments to TeenChickLit.com Has Been Completely Redone

  • Jignasha

    My favorite aothur is definitely Paige Toon. I love her style, I love how her books have bonds with each other, I love all her characters. And I can’t wait for this summer and reading again about Johnny on the beach Except her I like Sophie Kinsella, she is a great writer, but I have to say that last two books I really didn’t like.Recently I read Ali McNamara and Ruth Saberton and can’t wait to read more form them. Two days ago I got my ordered copy of Ruth’s second novel and I am looking forward to reading it And last but not least I can’t finish this without mentioning Lisa Jewell and her lovely books.

  • T Sista

    I love the new layout of teenchicklit.com. Was wondering if you would ever revamp the site. I’m an adult but read a lot of the teen novels. :P