Review: Priceless

 Twenty-two year old Charlotte Williams seems to have it all: she’s a tall, gorgeous blonde, has a rich father who dotes on her and a huge Park Avenue penthouse where she has just returned to after studying in Paris for a year.

After an exciting first night back in town, Charlotte’s world crashes down around her quickly. Her father Jacob is arrested on charges of fraud, and suddenly everyone is out for her blood. The tabloids trash her and she has enemies threatening her security. Her personal bank accounts have been frozen, and Charlotte feels she has no choice but to leave town. Continue reading Review: Priceless

Review: L.A. Candy

I won’t lie – I used to watch The Hills religiously every week when it was on and I’m a fan of Lauren Conrad’s. So of course I was going to buy a copy of her first book L.A. Candy, which happened to be a teen chick lit novel.

Set in the glamourous LA/Hollywood area, L.A. Candy was a fast and fun read about two girls who have just moved to LA together: Jane Roberts, who has just started an internship for celebrity event planner Fiona Chen, and Scarlett, an intelligent and outgoing beauty who is attending USC.

The girls are overwhelmed and enthralled with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood life. One night at a club, a producer approaches them about starting their own reality series, a “reality version of Sex and the City”. Continue reading Review: L.A. Candy

Review: The Next Big Thing

If you enjoy books that feature bigger than average women, you will absolutely adore this book. Even if you tend to steer clear of such books, you will still love this novel. The main heroine isn’t annoying, cliche or whiny – she is strong, sarcastic and will grow on you throughout the book.

Meet Kat Larson – she is overweight, slugging away in a PR company, and has a British internet boyfriend. Unfortunately he thinks she is a size four because she doctored the picture she sent him in Photoshop. Sound familiar? She isn’t exactly unhappy, but she knows she needs to improve her life in a big way. When her British boyfriend begins making noises like he wants to meet, she knows something has to be done. Continue reading Review: The Next Big Thing

Review: Love Like That

Dalton Moss (everyone calls her Doll) is a hip, modern, Southern Californian girl. Working as an assistant to a glamorous events planner, Dalton finds herself torn between two men. There is the handsome, sweet, caring and intellectual Roman, who has just proposed – and then taken off to Africa for a six month trip. Then there is Jeremy, who is irresistibly attractive, frustratingly hot-and-cold, and just somehow gets under Dalton’s skin. Never mind the fact that Jeremy already has a girlfriend. Dalton never intended to keep seeing Jeremy, but somehow, she can’t help herself. And her fiancé Roman seems to never be around!

Through alcohol-soaked nights, run-ins with her arch-rival from high school, dealing with her zany roommates (also going through guy troubles), Dalton must figure out which guy she really likes – before it is too late. Continue reading Review: Love Like That

Review: Everyone Worth Knowing

Everyone Worth Knowing
by Lauren Weisberger
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

It’s no secret that I love Glamour chick lit and Single City Girl lit, so when a book comes along that falls into both categories, I am usually quick to snatch it up. Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger is such a book.

After quitting her stuffy Manhattan banking job, 27-year old Bette doesn’t quite know what to do with herself. She manages to land, through a series of lucky coincidences, a job at one of the hottest PR firms in town. Her life is suddenly filled with parties and glamourous events – not to mention a new man or two. Philip Weston is one of the most notorious and handsome bachelors in Manhattan, and Bette finds herself dating him- sort of. Then she meets the charismatic Sammy, who seems to be a great guy, but he is only a bouncer and doesn’t seem to fit into Bette’s glitzy new life. Or does he? While all of this is going on, Bette is starting to drift away from her best friend Penelope, who is meanwhile engaged to a complete and utter jerk. Continue reading Review: Everyone Worth Knowing

Review: True Hollywood Lies

True Hollywood Lies
by Josie Brown
Avon Trade
Published September 2005
4/5 Stars

If anyone has ever had a bad few days, it’s Hannah Fairchild, main character of True Hollywood Lies. Not only has her famous movie-star father kicked the bucket and left his trust fund to his latest conniving wife, but her boyfriend has dumped her for another woman. Hannah’s only option at this point is to take a job as a personal assistant to Louis Trollope, who also happens to be one of the most eligible and sought-after actors.

Continue reading Review: True Hollywood Lies

Review: My 15 Minutes

My 15 Minutes
by Sarah Faith Alterman
Published September 2005
3/5 stars

A lot of glamour lit type of books lately have been about the main character getting famous in some way. My 15 Minutes by Sara Faith Alterman is no exception.

Meet Julie Jorlamo. She is single and lives and works as a waitress in Los Angeles. Her life could be summed up as “generally normal” until she discovers quite by accident that Chad Downing, famous actor, lives in her building. But why would anyone famous live in her somewhat run-down building? She has little time to find out before accidentally getting caught up in his life. Continue reading Review: My 15 Minutes

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