Review: Monkey Business

Monkey Business
by Sarah Mlynowski
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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It’s a mixture of love, lust, cheating, uncertainty, and fun when four very different people all move into the same business school dorm. Meet the main four unforgettable characters in Monkey Business: Layla, Jamie, Kimmy and Russ. They all have just started school at Connecticut University’s Business school, LWBS. Jamie is the resident “funny nice guy” with an unrequited crush – on Kimmy, the gorgeous party-girl who can’t make up her mind what she wants. Layla is from a rich, upstanding family, and she is a workaholic to boot. Russ has a girlfriend back home in Canada whom he can’t quite seem to stay faithful to. Continue reading Review: Monkey Business

Review: Joyride

by Lindsay Faith Rech
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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Ever wonder what it would be like to have a best friend from childhood who would remain your best friend forever? Or even a group of friends? Lindsay Faith Rech’s latest book explores just that possibility, and more. This is no ordinary chick lit book, I might add. Instead, this book is a wonderful novel filled with characters that you just don’t want to leave at the end, and a story that is more like an experience then just a story.

“Joyride” is told from Stella’s point of view. The story begins in the present tense one night when Stella gets a phone call from her best childhood friend Emily, who now lives in Europe. Continue reading Review: Joyride

Review: Marrying Up

Marrying Up
by Jackie Rose
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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After absolutely loving Jackie Rose’s first novel Slim Chance, I was eagerly anticipating her second novel Marrying Up. The premise sounded intriguing and a bit naughty: a woman who decides to marry a rich man, and write a book telling how to do it.

Holly Hastings is the main heroine in this book. She writes obituaries for a living, and one day after writing her own obituary (out of mostly boredom), she realizes that she hasn’t really accomplished anything yet in her life. Heading full speed ahead to 30, she realizes that she needs to figure out what to do with her life Continue reading Review: Marrying Up

Review: The Anglophile

The Anglophile
by Laurie Gwen Shapiro
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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Americans are obsessed with the British. Or maybe not all Americans, but it’s clear that many chick lit novelists are! Laurie Gwen Shapiro’s latest offering The Anglophile in fact features a woman who absolutely loves anything to do with the British – especially the men.

Shari Diamond, a linguist working on her Ph.D, is the Anglophile in question. She has been obsessed with nearly anything British since early childhood. Since she can’t exactly go and live in England, she contents herself with dating British men who live in the U.S. Continue reading Review: The Anglophile

Review: The Year Of Living Famously

Ever wonder what it would be like to be married to a famous movie star? Do you think you’d be able to handle the constant attention, media circus and fame that comes along with it? No matter what your answers to those questions are, you will enjoy Laura Caldwell’s November 2004 RDI novel The Year of Living Famously. In this novel she explores the ups and downs of having a famous husband.

Kyra Felis, a native New Yorker, is a semi-famous clothing designer in her own right when she meets Declan McKenna, a handsome Irish actor who has just completed a major movie that is yet to be released. The attraction is immediate and mutual, although Declan is supposedly seeing a famous movie star, Laura Stapleton, at the time. However, the two of them soon find themselves sending flirtatious emails back and forth, culminating in a face to face meeting, and eventually, Kyra moving to Venice, CA to be with him. Continue reading Review: The Year Of Living Famously

Review: Couch World

Ever dream of leaving it all behind and pursuing your dream? How about going so far as to living on friend’s couches in order to stay truly mobile and free? That’s exactly what PJ, main heroine of the story, has done. Once a Systems Analyst at a major hospital in the Bay Area, PJ now is a well-known punter (back-up D.J.) who spins her own blend of music at various glam clubs a couple nights a week. Her good friend Sticky, a popular and well-loved bouncer, hooks her up with friends’ couches. PJ may not have a place of her own, but she is independant, self-contained, and doing what she likes best.

When famous Jonathan Hadeis “discovers” PJ one night and offers to manage her, she isn’t sure what to make of it. Meanwhile Samantha, a 19-year old struggling model, is determined to make Jonathan her own. Continue reading Review: Couch World

Review: Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

Eloise is about to find out if there is such thing as a free wedding.

It all starts when Eloise is offered a free wedding from the magazine she works for. In exchange, she will have to keep a diary detailing her every move – from picking wedding cake, to deciding on a florist, to choosing a gown. Sounds amazing, right? It is at first, but things go downhill fast. First off, Eloise’s boss Astrid, who is calling all the shots, insists that she have her family at the photo shoot. The problem with that is Eloise’s mother passed away years ago, and her father has always been MIA. (He took off when she was a kid.) She also hadn’t spoken to her brother in some time. If that isn’t bad enough, Astrid is forcing Eloise to be the “modern bride”, which among other things means a canary yellow feathered wedding dress. (Yeah, you read that right.) To top everything off, Eloise is suddenly feeling as though she might be making a mistake marrying Noah. Continue reading Review: Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

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