Review: Something Blue

Something Blue
by Emily Giffin
reviewed by Kelly Smith

Darcy is pregnant with Marcus’ baby and although she can’t get over the betrayal by Rachel and Dex, she forges ahead with plans to marry Marcus who has, somewhat reluctantly, stepped up to the plate. But Marcus is no Dex and even Darcy can’t change who he is. Though Darcy seems to know that in her heart that Marcus is not the one for her, it shocks her when he tells her that he doesn’t want to marry her and that he doesn’t want to be a father. Truly on her own (her mother having written her off for the audacity of getting pregnant), Darcy makes the decision to move to London and stay with Ethan, a mutual friend of her and Rachel’s from elementary school. Continue reading Review: Something Blue

Review: Notes From The Underbelly

Ever find yourself dragged into pregnancy kicking and screaming? That’s how Lara Stone, main heroine of this book, finds herself. She had been putting off getting pregnant for some time – because after all, she had finally worked her way down to a size 4. As an admissions counselor at Bel Air Prep, Lara doesn’t have time to have a kid. However, her husband Andrew gives her an ultimatum one night: either agree to have a child, or reassess your marriage priorities. (In other words, “get pregnant or get out”).

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