Review: Don’t Even Think About It

A love triangle can be a pretty sticky situation to begin with. What happens when you add in a fourth angle? Would it be considered a love square? Perhaps. In any case, this is the scenario that the characters face in Lauren Henderson’s latest novel. In my opinion, there is nothing more enticing then a juicy, intriguing chick lit book filled with offbeat characters and situations.

Katie and Michael have recently become an item and seem to be madly in love. The only problem is, Michael still lives across the street, and is best friends with Sally, one of his ex-girlfriends. Not only that but Sally seems to still have feelings for Michael, and enjoys flaunting her intimate knowledge of Michael’s habits in Katie’s face. Jude is Sally’s best friend and wants nothing more than to see Sally back together with Michael, and Katie out of the picture. Meanwhile Jude is dealing with her own new workaholic boyfriend Scott, who doesn’t seem to get along with her friends. For the time being, at least, Katie and Michael seem to be very much into each other and faithful. Continue reading Review: Don’t Even Think About It

Review: Couch World

Ever dream of leaving it all behind and pursuing your dream? How about going so far as to living on friend’s couches in order to stay truly mobile and free? That’s exactly what PJ, main heroine of the story, has done. Once a Systems Analyst at a major hospital in the Bay Area, PJ now is a well-known punter (back-up D.J.) who spins her own blend of music at various glam clubs a couple nights a week. Her good friend Sticky, a popular and well-loved bouncer, hooks her up with friends’ couches. PJ may not have a place of her own, but she is independant, self-contained, and doing what she likes best.

When famous Jonathan Hadeis “discovers” PJ one night and offers to manage her, she isn’t sure what to make of it. Meanwhile Samantha, a 19-year old struggling model, is determined to make Jonathan her own. Continue reading Review: Couch World

Review: Sleeping Over

There are five engaging main characters in Sleeping Over, Stacey Ballis’s latest novel: Jess, who has just returned home from the Peace Corps and ends up in bed with the handsome and charming Dr. Harrison. Since he is known as a womanizer, Jess intends to steer clear… but why are they sleeping together every night? Robin meanwhile has been busy cozying up to Michael, who is also her boss. But they are “just friends”… although Robin is nursing strong feelings for him. Beth and Anne are sisters, and both going through man troubles of their own: Anne has just met the enchanting Chris, and is slowly falling in love. Beth has had a lot of bad luck with men – after getting out of a long relationship with a selfish but incredibly intelligent man. Lastly, there is Lilith. She is torn between an adorable and sweet bartender, and a married actor whom she can’t stop thinking about. Then there is her boyfriend… Continue reading Review: Sleeping Over

Review: Three Bedrooms In Chelsea

Three Bedrooms In Chelsea
by Liz Ireland
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

Can three very different young women live together and not end up driving each other insane? That’s a question you will have answered in this hilarious, absorbing novel. There is: Danielle, a spoiled Texan who has just moved to the big Apple looking for adventure and independence from her overbearing family; Greta, a very tall, loud German woman who has just caught her boyfriend cheating on her with a woman half her size; and Edie, a struggling actress whose boyfriend has just deserted her for Uzbekistan.

This book was very hard for me to put down. I had to keep reading to see what would happen to the three women. Continue reading Review: Three Bedrooms In Chelsea