Chick Lit Summer Reads

Hey all! In this post, I’ve put together a list of delightfully fun & light summer chick lit reads. You may notice that a lot of these books are oldies but goodies, but I’ve thrown in a few newer ones for good measure.


  • American Idle by Alesia Holliday
  • Becoming Americana by Lara Rios
  • Emily Ever After by Anne Dayton & May Vanderbilt
  • Jemima J by Jane Green
  • Lust, Loathing & A Little Lip Gloss by Kyra Davis
  • Milkrun by Sarah Mlynowski
  • Party Girls by Roz Bailey
  • See Jane Date by Melissa Senate
  • Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella
  • Southern Charm by Tinsley Mortimer
  • Summer And The City by Candace Bushnell
  • Summer In the City by Robyn Sisman
  • The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service by Beth Kendrick
  • The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner
  • The Perfect Manhattan by Leanne Shear & Tracey Toomey
  • The Rock Star in 3A by Jill Kargman

How many of these have you read, and how many do you plan to read? :)

Review: Hot Tamara

Meet Tamara Contreras. She is 26 and still living at home, but desperate to break out on her own. Especially after her boyfriend Ruben proposes at a family wedding, and Tamara turns him down in front of everyone. Now her mother is angry with her, and her family thinks something is wrong with her.

With her mother getting more and more controlling, Tamara decides to put her dreams to break free into reality. She gets a part-time job at a gallery in Los Angeles and a tiny apartment. Much to her mother’s strong protest and threats that she will no longer speak to her, Tamara moves out. And that’s not all – there is the handsome Will, with whom she went to kindergarten, and have always been attracted to. Now that she is on her own and forced to be in contact with him (because of her job), their mutual attraction begins burning out of control. Continue reading Review: Hot Tamara

Review: Bollywood Confidential

I absolutely love chick lit that feature Indian characters, so I was glad when I learned Sonia Singh had a second novel out entitled “Bollywood Confidential”. Although her first novel was average at best in my opinion, this latest book was a great read.

Raveena is a struggling Indian actress currently living in Los Angeles. She is tired of not getting anywhere in her acting career. After much deliberation, she decides to accept her agent’s latest offer: the lead in a Bollywood film – that takes place and shoots in Bombay, India. Despite her misgivings about living in another country for six months, she figures it would be worth it; after all, she is playing the leading role! Continue reading Review: Bollywood Confidential

Review: Imaginary Men

Imaginary Men
by Anjali Banerjee
Downtown Press
Published October 2005
4/5 stars

Lina’s extended Indian family is wondering when she’ll ever get married. Lina herself is wondering when she’ll find the right man. In the meantime, she makes her home in San Francisco, working at a match-making company, and using her talents at finding people their Mr. or Mrs. Right.

After a particularly grueling wedding back home in India, her family tries to set her up with a bachelor she has absolutely NO interest in. Continue reading Review: Imaginary Men