Review: Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

Eloise is about to find out if there is such thing as a free wedding.

It all starts when Eloise is offered a free wedding from the magazine she works for. In exchange, she will have to keep a diary detailing her every move – from picking wedding cake, to deciding on a florist, to choosing a gown. Sounds amazing, right? It is at first, but things go downhill fast. First off, Eloise’s boss Astrid, who is calling all the shots, insists that she have her family at the photo shoot. The problem with that is Eloise’s mother passed away years ago, and her father has always been MIA. (He took off when she was a kid.) She also hadn’t spoken to her brother in some time. If that isn’t bad enough, Astrid is forcing Eloise to be the “modern bride”, which among other things means a canary yellow feathered wedding dress. (Yeah, you read that right.) To top everything off, Eloise is suddenly feeling as though she might be making a mistake marrying Noah. Continue reading Review: Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

Review: See Jane Date

See Jane Date by Melissa Senate was one of the first books in the Red Dress Ink series that I read. Several years later, it remains one of my absolute favorite chick lit novels.

Meet Jane, a 20-something-year-old gal living, dating and working in Manhattan. Having been single for a while after her last boyfriend dumped her unceremoniously, Jane is in a slight pickle: she had to find a date for her cousin’s wedding, since everyone in her family was under the impression that she had a boyfriend. With both parents dead, it was understandable that Jane felt a lot of pressure in her family.

After a few disastrous (but fun to read!) dates, Jane thinks she may have found the perfect man. After a few amazing dates with a doctor who suddenly stops calling though, she realizes she may be back to square one. At the same time her job has become very stressful. She is forced to edit a memoir from childhood nemesis Natasha (fondly referred to as “the Gnat” out of earshot by Jane and her friends). At the same time she is trying to placate her Aunt Ina and various cousins that everything is fine in her life. Continue reading Review: See Jane Date

Review: The Breakup Club

The Breakup Club
by Melissa Senate
Publication Date: January 01, 2006
Red Dress Ink
5/5 Stars

The Breakup Club by Melissa Senate is one of those novels that is told from multiple viewpoints. The interesting and unique thing about this book, however, is that a lot attention and detail is given to each chapter, and each viewpoint is told from a first-person narrative.

Continue reading Review: The Breakup Club