Review: Easy On The Eyes

Easy On The Eyes
by Jane Porter
reviewed by Kelly Smith

Tiana Tomlinson is at the height of her game as an anchor for America Tonight, a highly rated entertainment/news program. Or so she thinks. The higher-ups have other plans, namely replacing Tiana with a younger, hipper version named Shelby. Although the powers that be acknowledge Tiana’s smarts, they feel she could use a little help in the “you’re starting to look older so you need to consider a little nip and tuck” department. Tiana suddenly feels her world slipping away, the same world that has kept her going since the death of her husband seven years earlier. Not quite willing to bow down to the plastic surgery gauntlet Continue reading Review: Easy On The Eyes

Review: The Frog Prince

Meet Holly Bishop. After the devastating break-up with the gorgeous and smart Jean-Marc – who was supposed to be the Prince Charming she was to spend the rest of her life with – she is struggling to accept that she is already divorced at 25. Holly now lives alone and works as an event planner in the bustling city of San Francisco. When her boss Olivia accosts her one day and says she must either do something about her personal life or think about getting another job, Holly has little choice but to join Olivia and her friends for drinks out. Although the night is somewhat uneventful but humiliating, it shows Holly that it’s time to take control of her life. Continue reading Review: The Frog Prince