Review: To Forgive, Divine

To Forgive, Divine
by Melissa Lea Leedom
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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There is nothing quite like old-fashioned and pure romance, especially when it happens in a book that is well written featuring likeable and charismatic characters. To Forgive, Divine by Melissa Leedom is such a book with these qualities. Chock full of endearing characters and set in rural Texas, To Forgive, Divine is a Christian “Chick Lit” book that should not be missed.

Meet Bonnie, a widowed mother of two who is a dedicated Christian. Continue reading Review: To Forgive, Divine

Review: Dreaming In Black And White

Meet Phoebe Grant. She is thirty-something, has a few extra pounds padding her figure, and just wants to meet a good Christian man to settle down with. Unfortunately she is laid off from her job writing obituaries, and must find something else to do. At the same time, her best friend Lindsey signs her up for an online personals service. After at least one disastrous date resulting from the dating service, Phoebe thinks she has met the email man of her dreams. But then she gets a call from her mother who has become injured and needs Phoebe to fly home to the small California town she grew up in.

Back at home, Phoebe has her hands full with the town’s newspaper, which lost one its oldest reporters. Her mother also keeps her busy, as does a couple of other causes Phoebe can’t resist getting involved with. Her dating life is pretty much non-existant, since the only man that seems to be available is the infuriatingly handsome yet seemingly moral-lacking Alex, who was responsible for Phoebe’s layoff back in Cleveland. But is there more that meets the eye to this guy? Continue reading Review: Dreaming In Black And White

Review: What A Girl Wants

Ashley Stockingdale, a successful patent attorney, seems to have it all: a great condo in Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, CA), a great job, a sporty car, and a great group of Christian friends whom she calls “The Reasons”. She wants to settle down and get married – preferably with Seth, a handsome, blue-eyed man in The Reasons. At 31, she feels her time is running out.

Fed up with doing the same thing with the same people day after day, week after week, Ashley decides one day to change her attitude and outlook on life. Before she knows it, she has met a very handsome doctor who has just broken up with his girlfriend. At the same time, Seth decides to enlist her help in getting the attention of a beautiful young woman, who happens to be the handsome doctor’s ex-girlfriend. As if things aren’t complicated enough, Ashley’s job begins sending her to Thailand for business, and she discovers she has to move due to some unpleasant infestation problems. Just when Ashley’s life seems to be filled with excitement and new men, she wonders if her old comfortable life might have been enough. Continue reading Review: What A Girl Wants

Review: Emily Ever After

This is a classic “Single Girl Moves to the Big City” chick lit.

Our main heroine Emily Hinton has made the big move from a sleepy Southern California suburb to Manhattan. She is a church-going girl with morals, and she vows not to drink to much or get involved with the wrong man. Thanks to her generous uncle, she has a new job at a large publishing house. Emily knows immediately that things aren’t going to be quite as she’d imagined. First, her roommate (whom she’d met on the internet) was nothing like she’d hoped. Then she meets the totally eligible and handsome Bennett. He seems to be the last man in Manhattan that goes to church and has morals. They immediately hit it off, but it becomes clear that something isn’t quite right. He seems to keep trying to get her into bed, for one thing, although she’s made it clear that she doesn’t do that before marriage.

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