Review: Easy On The Eyes

Easy On The Eyes
by Jane Porter
reviewed by Kelly Smith

Tiana Tomlinson is at the height of her game as an anchor for America Tonight, a highly rated entertainment/news program. Or so she thinks. The higher-ups have other plans, namely replacing Tiana with a younger, hipper version named Shelby. Although the powers that be acknowledge Tiana’s smarts, they feel she could use a little help in the “you’re starting to look older so you need to consider a little nip and tuck” department. Tiana suddenly feels her world slipping away, the same world that has kept her going since the death of her husband seven years earlier. Not quite willing to bow down to the plastic surgery gauntlet Continue reading Review: Easy On The Eyes

Review: Hollywood Car Wash

Hollywood Car Wash
by Lori Culwell
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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I’ve read a lot of chick lit novels based on Hollywood and fame in my time and I have to say that Hollywood Car Wash is definitely one of my all time favorites. This well-written and fascinating story revolves around Amy Spencer, a small town girl from Michigan who wins a local acting audition that lands her a leading role in a brand new prime time drama TV show called ‘Autumn Leaves’ in Hollywood. Continue reading Review: Hollywood Car Wash

Review: Fat Chick

Fat Chick
by Lorraine Duffy Merkl
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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Trish Collins has finally made it: She’s a perfect size zero – a ‘goddess’ in her own eyes, the VP Account supervisor at one of New York’s hottest advertising agencies, and surrounded by the glitz and glamour that comes along with such a job, including hobnobbing with the rich and famous.

After the prologue, which takes place in the present time when Trish is at the top of her game, we are then taken back to the past before Trish lost her weight. Her father died when she was young, and in order to cope with her sadness and other feelings, she ate for comfort. Continue reading Review: Fat Chick

Review: Adored

by Tilly Bagshawe
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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I confess to enjoying rich, glamorous, dishy novels filled with cold and calculating characters from time to time. I anticipated that Adored would be such a novel, especially from the author’s note on the back cover.

There are many characters in this novel, but one major one seems to be Siena McMahon, a spoiled, beautiful girl. Shipped off to boarding school in England, she plots her escape and tries (unsuccessfully) to get expelled. Continue reading Review: Adored

Review: True Hollywood Lies

True Hollywood Lies
by Josie Brown
Avon Trade
Published September 2005
4/5 Stars

If anyone has ever had a bad few days, it’s Hannah Fairchild, main character of True Hollywood Lies. Not only has her famous movie-star father kicked the bucket and left his trust fund to his latest conniving wife, but her boyfriend has dumped her for another woman. Hannah’s only option at this point is to take a job as a personal assistant to Louis Trollope, who also happens to be one of the most eligible and sought-after actors.

Continue reading Review: True Hollywood Lies

Review: My 15 Minutes

My 15 Minutes
by Sarah Faith Alterman
Published September 2005
3/5 stars

A lot of glamour lit type of books lately have been about the main character getting famous in some way. My 15 Minutes by Sara Faith Alterman is no exception.

Meet Julie Jorlamo. She is single and lives and works as a waitress in Los Angeles. Her life could be summed up as “generally normal” until she discovers quite by accident that Chad Downing, famous actor, lives in her building. But why would anyone famous live in her somewhat run-down building? She has little time to find out before accidentally getting caught up in his life. Continue reading Review: My 15 Minutes

Review: The Truth About Diamonds

The Truth About Diamonds
by Nicole Richie
Regan Books
4/5 Stars

Meet Chloe, the main heroine of The Truth About Diamonds. Although Nicole Richie is actually telling the story in first-person narrative, the book is about Chloe. At the beginning of the novel, Chloe is not yet famous, except for the fact that she has grown up in a privileged family, is addicted to drugs (namely Xanax and some uppers), and hangs out in clubs regularly. She is one of those people that everyone is drawn to. She has style, but has a bad habit of hanging out with guys who are bad for her. One day she is approached by Simone Westlake, a gorgeous socialite who is famous for being famous. Simone, who is clearly portrayed as Paris Hilton, is vicious, stuck-up and manipulative. She quickly sucks Chloe into her inner circle and arranges for her and Chloe to do a reality commercial series which portray them as best friends and spokesmodels for a cosmetic line. Continue reading Review: The Truth About Diamonds