Review: A Match Made On Madison

A Match Made On Madison
by Dee Davis
reviewed by Kelly Smith

Meet Vanessa Carlson, who’s making her mark as a top-rated matchmaker in Manhattan after leaving her mentor, Althea Sevalas. Taking everything she learned while being Althea’s right-hand, Vanessa launches her own matchmaking company and is on the verge of becoming very successful at it. After all, plenty of people in Manhattan need assistance in finding their soul-mate, right? Even though Althea is happy for Vanessa’s success, there’s a competitive undercurrent between them that rears its head one night after too many dirty martinis were imbibed at Bemelmans Bar. A bet is made between the two that includes Mark Grayson, a handsome, wildly successful and very confirmed bachelor Continue reading Review: A Match Made On Madison

Review: See Mommy Run

See Mommy Run
by Laura Kennedy
reviewed by Kelly Smith
Rating: 4 Stars
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Margie McDougal has had it. She’s reached her breaking point with her husband Mike who treats her like wallpaper and her teenage daughters, Kim and Molly, who treat her like she’s the enemy. Trapped in a dead-end job that was supposed to be temporary and a family life that’s devoid of every emotion except for anger, Margie packs her bags and runs away. Arriving in San Francisco with a couple of bucks and not a clue what to do next, Margie slowly rebuilds her life. Continue reading Review: See Mommy Run

Review: Monkey Business

Monkey Business
by Sarah Mlynowski
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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It’s a mixture of love, lust, cheating, uncertainty, and fun when four very different people all move into the same business school dorm. Meet the main four unforgettable characters in Monkey Business: Layla, Jamie, Kimmy and Russ. They all have just started school at Connecticut University’s Business school, LWBS. Jamie is the resident “funny nice guy” with an unrequited crush – on Kimmy, the gorgeous party-girl who can’t make up her mind what she wants. Layla is from a rich, upstanding family, and she is a workaholic to boot. Russ has a girlfriend back home in Canada whom he can’t quite seem to stay faithful to. Continue reading Review: Monkey Business

Review: Are You In The Mood?

Are You In The Mood?
by Stephanie Lehmann
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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Camille, heroine of Are You in the Mood?, is a 30-something-year-old actress working off Broadway, living in NYC and trying to get her big break. She lives on her own in a tiny apartment, and is doing fine, but somehow knows that her life isn’t complete. She has just met a new guy named Daniel, a responsible, caring man, if a little on the boring side. Camille thinks she is happy with him, but not exceedingly so.

One night, an important critic from the NY Times sits in the audience of the play she is currently acting in. Continue reading Review: Are You In The Mood?

Review: The Ex-Factor

The Ex-Factor
by Andrea Semple
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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Meet Martha Seymore – an advice columnist at Gloss Magazine. When she finds out that her boyfriend Luke has been cheating on her, she is devastated. (Having him admit it to her mid-foreplay just adds icing to the cake!) What’s a girl to do? Temporarily she moves in with her friend Desdemona, who just happens to be engaged to Alex, one of Martha’s ex boyfriends. Thus begins Martha’s search to get over Luke. She wonders if she will get over him if she found another man. Continue reading Review: The Ex-Factor

Review: Help Wanted, Desperately

Help Wanted, Desperately
by Ariel Horn
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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Have you ever been on a bad job interview? Well if so, you are in good company – we all have! Including Alexa, the charming, slightly naïve but always entertaining heroine of “Help Wanted, Desperately” by Ariel Horn. Alexa is in her last year of college and doesn’t know what she is going to do next, but she knows she needs to find a job in the big city. The only other option is a teaching job overseas in Majuro, which is thousands of miles away from her boyfriend Jared.

Thus begins her mostly unsuccessful and insane string of interviews. Continue reading Review: Help Wanted, Desperately

Review: 32AA

by Michelle Cunnah
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

It’s bad enough to get dumped shortly after your 30th birthday, but to also be left for an older, more well-endowed woman? And for the man who dumped you to also be your boss at work, as well as the man you live with? Disasterous and humiliating, these are the circumstances that Emma Taylor is going through when we meet her in “32AA”. Things are really looking down for her. After Adam dumps her, she is unfortunately stuck working for him since he blocks her transfer to another department at work. (She manages to get in her little digs though, which are very amusing). She must also vacate his apartment and find a new place, which is extremely difficult to do in the NY/NJ area. Continue reading Review: 32AA

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