Review: My Favorite Mistake

My Favorite Mistake is a story about a girl named Faith, who has long since left her hometown in the state of Minnesota, and is now based out of Los Angeles. She is a world-traveling culinary writer currently visiting Italy for an article, when she gets a phone call from her younger sister Skye back in Minnesota. It seems Skye has gotten herself into trouble once again and desperately wants Faith to come home. (Home as in Minnesota, not Los Angeles). Skye’s husband has left her, she is pregnant, and the bar that they co-own is in financial trouble. Faith at first is adamant about not wanting to go home for various reasons, but after a couple of terse phone calls (one from Faith’s own ex, who can’t stand her but really thinks she needs to get back to Minnesota to help her sister), Faith gives in. Upon returning to Los Angeles, she packs her stuff up and takes a road trip to Minnesota. Continue reading Review: My Favorite Mistake

Review: Exes And Ohs

What happens when you know something that is very important to someone – something that they don’t know, but need to know – but you can’t tell them because it will break a code of ethics at your job? That is the tough decision that Gwen Traynor, heroine of Exes and Ohs, must make, and fast – before someone finds out and gets hurt. Gwen is just finishing her Masters program at UCLA, and is interning as a therapist. One day she runs into an ex boyfriend who completely broke her heart, and just as she’s about to have a public meltdown on a busy street, along comes the handsome Alex Coughlin. He manages to calm her down, (not before she hurls her cell phone into traffic) and they end up spending the afternoon together, getting to know each other. Alex seems to be the perfect man. He is intelligent, wants a relationship, and is dying to have kids of his own some day. Continue reading Review: Exes And Ohs

Review: Fashionably Late

There’s nothing like a marriage proposal to jolt you into reality and make you wonder what exactly you want out of life. When Becca Davis of Fashionably Late is proposed to by her longtime boyfriend Kevin, she accepts, but almost immediately realizes that it isn’t what she wants.

Instead, she decides to break the engagement and flee to Los Angeles to try and pursue her true passion of fashion design. She moves in with her sister and jumps into the industry bravely, not realizing how cut-throat and catty the industry is. She is forced to take a job at a restaurant to make ends meet while pursuing her dream. Continue reading Review: Fashionably Late