Review: Southern Charm

Southern Charm
by Tinsley Mortimer
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Reviewed by Rian Montgomery

Books about girls/women trying to make it in the big city have always fascinated and entertained me, so I made sure to grab a copy of Southern Charm, which promised this and more. The fact that the novel is allegedly loosely based on the author’s actual life made it all the more interesting.

So we have our main heroine, Minty Davenport (ahem), who is from a super rich and old-money family in Charleston, South Carolina. As a little girl, she dreams of visiting the big city, especially The Plaza Hotel, where the infamous ‘Eloise’ lives. So she is ecstatic when her mother surprises her with a trip to not only the city, Continue reading Review: Southern Charm

Review: I’ve Got Your Number

I’ve Got Your Number
by Sophie Kinsella
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reviewed by Rian Montgomery

Meet Poppy Wyatt. She’s about to marry the man of her dreams, but there is one major problem: she’s lost her engagement ring at a hotel where she is attending an event. It’s not just any ring, either – it’s her fiance’s family’s heirloom emerald engagement ring. A family that seems to disapprove of her, as well.

Poppy’s desperate search begins right at the start of the novel. Things get interesting when she finds a stranger’s phone in a garbage can at the hotel (since she manages to lose her own). She begins texting friends and family frantically, Continue reading Review: I’ve Got Your Number

Review: L.A. Candy

I won’t lie – I used to watch The Hills religiously every week when it was on and I’m a fan of Lauren Conrad’s. So of course I was going to buy a copy of her first book L.A. Candy, which happened to be a teen chick lit novel.

Set in the glamourous LA/Hollywood area, L.A. Candy was a fast and fun read about two girls who have just moved to LA together: Jane Roberts, who has just started an internship for celebrity event planner Fiona Chen, and Scarlett, an intelligent and outgoing beauty who is attending USC.

The girls are overwhelmed and enthralled with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood life. One night at a club, a producer approaches them about starting their own reality series, a “reality version of Sex and the City”. Continue reading Review: L.A. Candy

Review: Kissing In Technicolor

Charlie Frost is 27, about to graduate from film school, and is trying to make a name for herself in the film industry. Making ends barely meet as a Yoga instructor, and having her latest screenplay rejected, she has no idea her life is about to change. On the advice of one her professors at school, she begins to revise one of her earlier plays in hopes it will be made into a movie. At the same time, she meets a handsome soap star, Hank, who is definitely interested in her.

When she receives the great news that she will be able to direct the play, Charlie is thrilled. Hank manages to convince her to give him the lead part, but she isn’t too sure of her decision. When problems break out during the rehearsals and taping, she realizes it may not have been the best idea… Continue reading Review: Kissing In Technicolor

Review: White Bikini Panties

White Bikini Panties by Kelly James-Enger had the ingredients of a good chick lit read: a likeable and less-than-perfect heroine with an adorable, smart and sweet boyfriend who she had just found cheating on her; a semi-good job with the requisite catty coworker and gay friend. It’s the classic, original chick lit forumla, but does it work every time? Thankfully it did this time.

Trina is 28 years old and just living. When she finds her sweet, computer-obsessed boyfriend is found in his living room making out with another girl, she figures it’s time to move on. Trina is understandably disappointed, but decides it is time to move on. So she does. First there is the irresistable Javier, who only seems to call her once in a blue moon. Then there is Pete, the “guy’s guy” who seems to be pretty interesting after all, despite his initial impression; At the same time her job is going through a “reorganization” which could either land her a promotion or the ax. When she discovers a very unpleasant ailment that one of her boyfriends apparently gave her, she has to find out who is responsible. Continue reading Review: White Bikini Panties

Review: Reinventing Mona

Ever get tired of your mundane life and set out to reinvent yourself and go for what you want, no holds barred? If so, you are in good company – we all have at some point. This is also the scenario that Mona, the main character in this novel, is in.

When her company offers some of their employees early retirement (as a way to cut back on layoffs), Mona jumps at the chance. She takes the modest package and decides to spend her free time making over herself and getting the man of her dreams (a tax accountant named Adam). She hasn’t seen or spoken to him in some time, and he barely (if at all) knows she exists, but why should that stop her? Her recently deceased grandmother (with whom Mona grew up with, since the rest of her family perished in a terrible accident in Montana when she was a young girl) had always said he would make the perfect man to marry. Continue reading Review: Reinventing Mona

Review: Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

Eloise is about to find out if there is such thing as a free wedding.

It all starts when Eloise is offered a free wedding from the magazine she works for. In exchange, she will have to keep a diary detailing her every move – from picking wedding cake, to deciding on a florist, to choosing a gown. Sounds amazing, right? It is at first, but things go downhill fast. First off, Eloise’s boss Astrid, who is calling all the shots, insists that she have her family at the photo shoot. The problem with that is Eloise’s mother passed away years ago, and her father has always been MIA. (He took off when she was a kid.) She also hadn’t spoken to her brother in some time. If that isn’t bad enough, Astrid is forcing Eloise to be the “modern bride”, which among other things means a canary yellow feathered wedding dress. (Yeah, you read that right.) To top everything off, Eloise is suddenly feeling as though she might be making a mistake marrying Noah. Continue reading Review: Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

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