Review: Adventures Of An Ice Princess

Ever been dumped by your boyfriend and decide to brave Antarctica with your two best friends? I know I haven’t, so I was intrigued by the story premise enough to pick up a copy of this book.

Clarissa Schneckberg, our main heroine, had just given her notice to her company that she was going to quit and become a homemaker. After all, she was positive that her boyfriend Kieran was about to propose. Instead, Kieran ends up giving her the old heave-ho, insisting that he wanted to see other people. Clarissa is devastated, and decides to head for Antarctica with her two best friends Kate and Delilah. Continue reading Review: Adventures Of An Ice Princess

Review: Wolves In Chic Clothing

There’s nothing like a good book with spoiled, rich characters who have it all and like to flaunt it. We first saw this type of book in “Bergdorf Blondes” (which was a better book than this). With Wolves in Chic Clothing by Carrie Karasyov and Jill Kargman, it’s a jewelry heiress named Lell Pelham of Pelham Jewelers who decides to take the hip, beautiful but offbeat Julia under her wings.

It begins innocently enough. First Julia gets to deliver Lell’s engagement ring to her, then Lell decides to promote Julia to be her assistant in a new department of the store. Soon Julia is thrust into parties, makeovers, and society events. Lell’s rich and mostly stuck-up friends, who are not without problems of their own, also take Julia under her wing, but not without some cattiness. But when Lell’s husband and Julia realize they are extremely attracted to each other, things begin spinning out of control. What will happen if Lell catches them? Continue reading Review: Wolves In Chic Clothing

Review: The Givenchy Code

The Givenchy Code is one of the latest new chick lit mysteries that are beginning to trickle out into the market. Chick lit meets danger/suspense/action in this novel- or at least I thought it was supposed to. Let me elucidate.

Meet Melanie Prescott. The first time we meet her, she is a hip, upbeat woman just scraping by on rent, hoping to meet Mr. Right and trying to fund her expensive taste for designer shoes. The day starts off normally: she is walking dogs for some extra cash when she runs into her ex boyfriend Todd, who manages to coerce her (with beautiful designer shoes) into coming over to his place for dinner. But after a night spent with him, she wakes and discovers him in a pool of blood and brains… and the hunt begins. Continue reading Review: The Givenchy Code

Review: Spooning

by Darri Stephens
Broadway Books, April 2006
Reviewed by Rian Montgomery

This book held great promise: the story of a girl just starting out in the great city of New York with a new job, new apartment, and a unique twist of a cooking club.

The problem is that the story was all over the place; you could tell that it was written by two people. Continue reading Review: Spooning