Review: Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

Eloise is about to find out if there is such thing as a free wedding.

It all starts when Eloise is offered a free wedding from the magazine she works for. In exchange, she will have to keep a diary detailing her every move – from picking wedding cake, to deciding on a florist, to choosing a gown. Sounds amazing, right? It is at first, but things go downhill fast. First off, Eloise’s boss Astrid, who is calling all the shots, insists that she have her family at the photo shoot. The problem with that is Eloise’s mother passed away years ago, and her father has always been MIA. (He took off when she was a kid.) She also hadn’t spoken to her brother in some time. If that isn’t bad enough, Astrid is forcing Eloise to be the “modern bride”, which among other things means a canary yellow feathered wedding dress. (Yeah, you read that right.) To top everything off, Eloise is suddenly feeling as though she might be making a mistake marrying Noah.

Will it be the wedding disaster of the century? Or will there even be a wedding at all? Will Astrid sue her for dropping out of the wedding?

With a few laugh-out-loud scenes, hilarious wedding antics, and plenty of touching moments, this book is another wonderful chick lit read by a great author. Anyone that says chick lit is all fluff obviously hasn’t read Melissa Senate’s books – they are anything but. Her plots are solid and well-crafted, and she delves into serious subjects. The characters are so real that they nearly jump off the pages.

Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good Marriage/Wedding chick lit type of novel.

4 stars
reviewed by Rian

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