Review: White Bikini Panties

White Bikini Panties by Kelly James-Enger had the ingredients of a good chick lit read: a likeable and less-than-perfect heroine with an adorable, smart and sweet boyfriend who she had just found cheating on her; a semi-good job with the requisite catty coworker and gay friend. It’s the classic, original chick lit forumla, but does it work every time? Thankfully it did this time.

Trina is 28 years old and just living. When she finds her sweet, computer-obsessed boyfriend is found in his living room making out with another girl, she figures it’s time to move on. Trina is understandably disappointed, but decides it is time to move on. So she does. First there is the irresistable Javier, who only seems to call her once in a blue moon. Then there is Pete, the “guy’s guy” who seems to be pretty interesting after all, despite his initial impression; At the same time her job is going through a “reorganization” which could either land her a promotion or the ax. When she discovers a very unpleasant ailment that one of her boyfriends apparently gave her, she has to find out who is responsible.

Trina decides it’s time to figure out who she is, where she is going, and who she wants.

Overall I enjoyed White Bikini Panties. It was well-written, engaging and had some likeable characters. However, there were a couple of times that I felt the story line kind of lagged and I was waiting for something to happen. While the book is good, it isn’t outstandingly great. But White Bikini Panties will charm most chick lit fans. I do recommend it to readers who enjoy reading about women trying to find her way in life, get over an ex-boyfriend, and get ahead in her job.

4 stars
reviewed by Rian

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3 comments to Review: White Bikini Panties

  • Amanda

    I loved this book. I really related to it. When I read it, I was going through some of the same things as Trina. We even seemed to worry about the same things. The only problem for me was the title – I didn’t want to be caught reading it and have to explain! I would recommend this book to anyone trying to figure their lives out. It’s a great read.

  • Sana Shams

    Well, I would like to say something about the author’s other work I read titled ‘Did You Get the Vibe?’ and sorry to say it was a complete load of rubbish. The only thing likable what the way the subject of bulimia was dealt with with but forget about any good romance. I cringe even now when I think about the story. Anyhow, though, I haven’t read ‘White Bikini Panties,’ after reading your review; I might give it a shot. It sounds interesting!

  • Amanda

    (btw: this is another amanda)

    Just from reading the review i can tell that she will end up with, obviously Pete, excuse me if im wrong. I haven’t read the book, but i just don’t like how it all sounds. The thing about Chick lit is that is just very predictable