Review: Undead And Unwed

Undead And Unwed
by Mary Janice Davidson
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

Told in first-person narrative in a chick lit tone, Undead and Unwed is a story about Elizabeth (Betsy) Taylor. Betsy is a loud, smart-mouth woman with a penchant for fine shoes. After a week from hell, she gets hit by a car and dies. However, she wakes up “undead” – in a coffin. After a few startling discoveries, she realizes that she is not only a vampire, but an extraordinary one. For instance, garlic and crosses don’t bother her in the least, and she has superhuman powers – she can scale a building, and fight off other vampires with a flick of her wrist. And more.

After going against the “code of vampire ethics” and letting her family know she isn’t really dead, Betsy attracts the unwelcome (or is it?) attention of Sinclair, an annoyingly handsome and enigmatic vampire who is interested in her for various reasons. She also gets on the hit list of the ruler of vampires and has a contract out for her head (literally) within days. What’s a girl to do?

This was a great read – I was unable to put it down once starting it. Mary Janice Davidson has a wonderful gift of storytelling and keeping the reader hooked. Betsy is a heroine that is not to be messed with. The romance in this novel is a subplot to the actual story, which keeps things interesting. This novel is not “technically” a chick lit novel, but it’s not a romance either. It effortlessly falls into the paranormal/vampire chick lit category. (If such a category really exists!)

The only downfall to this novel, I felt, was sometimes Betsy was too loudmouthed. Part of her charm is that she doesn’t put up with anything, but occasionally she was just too annoying about it. Some parts of the story were drawn out too long because she refused to listen to anything. I must admit to wanting to smack her into silence a few times.

Overall, I highly recommend this book!

5 stars

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4 comments to Review: Undead And Unwed

  • Lucy Nicol

    I love this series!!!

    I stumbled across the first four in the library and read them within days!!

    Think every ballsy girlie girl out there should read it!!


  • Amy

    This is by far one of the funniest books I have read (along with the series). Anyone that can be bribed with designer shoes is my type of girl!

  • Hani

    Looks like she must be ferocious unwed gal/vampire. Loved it.

  • Flo

    I loved this book. It’s an easy read, it’s funny, it’s sexy, the main character is a hoot. I often get rid of books that I can’t read more than once but this one, I keep going back to. It’s the first of a series and in my opinion, the best one but I would recommend reading the others because they are still fun to read.