Review: Looking For La La

Looking For La La by Ellie Campbell Looking For La La
by Ellie Campbell
reviewed by Kelly Smith

Cathy is a stay-at-home mom (or mum since the book is set in the outskirts of London), who, like many before her and scores more to come after, is utterly bored with getting the kids off to school, cleaning the house before the housekeeper gets there, doing the shopping and all the other assorted mundane chores that encompass a stay-at-home mum’s days. When a mysterious postcard arrives through the mail slot containing a sweet nothing for Cathy’s husband Declan and signed “Love from La La,” Cathy is off and running in her quest to discover just who La La is.

As Cathy tries to find the person behind La La, a myriad of suspects emerge throughout the book. Is it Declan’s weird cousin Alec? Or is it Belinda, Gabby, Henrietta or Zena, her group of friends dubbed the Tuesday Twice Monthly’s who meet every other Tuesday for cocktails and bitching? Or could it possibly be her very best friend, Raz? Raz has been acting very strangely…

Things and people get more suspicious as Cathy becomes more involved in her hunt for the identity of La La. Declan and Cathy’s relationship starts to deteriorate and once Cathy meets Declan’s new assistant, mousy and bland Jessica-Ellen, who has quickly made herself indispensable, she can’t help but think that maybe Jessica-Ellen is La La and she and Declan are having an affair. Of course, Cathy has quite the case of flirts herself with Rupert, friend of Raz and a “not at all tortured” artist.

Through many twists and turns, La La’s identity is finally discovered and everyone involved winds up very happy… even though they may not have ended up with who they started out with! ;)

I enjoyed this book once I actually got into it, but it took a while to actually catch my interest. Any woman can identify with Cathy if she’s married, raising kids and all that but I felt it was just a tad too long and some of the day to day details were unnecessary. I did enjoy the many characters and, as always, I love the English humor! All in all, Looking for La La is a pretty good read and I’ll be checking out Ellie Campbell’s other books!

3.5 Stars

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