Review: Look Closely

With three previous regular chick lit novels under her belt, Laura Caldwell’s latest book Look Closely is a suspense/mystery chick lit novel – one that I found hard to put down.

It all begins when New York City Attorney Hailey Sutter receives an anonymous letter one day that simply reads: “There is no statute of limitations on murder. Look closely”. Immediately Hailey knows that the note has something to do with her mother’s death, which happened over twenty years ago but has always been shrouded in mystery and silence. As a matter of fact, she has been estranged from her sister and brother her entire adult life, and her father, who practices for the same law firm as Hailey, always closes up whenever the subject is brought up.

Hailey decides to once and for all solve the mystery of what really happened to her mother. The only problem is, she has no memory of the night, although she was supposedly present. And nobody’s talking. So she hops on a plane and returns to the small coastal town she lived in, and begins digging deeper. The timing is bad unfortunately since she is embroiled in a tough case with a difficult client and trying to make partner in the law firm, but she manages to juggle her travel plans accordingly. And slowly, she begins uncovering details she had previously known little (if anything) about. She also suddenly starts having flashbacks of the night her mother died.

Soon, it’s as though everyone could be a suspect or is hiding something: her father, who is definitely holding out on some important information and who wants Hailey to stop the investigation; the sweet, handsome Tyler who runs a hotel in the town Hailey once lived in that is inexplicably nice and helpful (and whose father had originally been assigned the details of her mother’s death); her brother and sister, who she manages to track down just in time for them to suddenly and mysteriously disappear; and others. Hailey knows she is in danger and is certain that nobody wants her to know the truth. But why?

I loved this book! Look Closely was a page-turner of a novel that I got into immediately. Caldwell has a way of drawing the reader in within the first chapter, and this book is no exception. This book has tons of suspense, mystery, a dash of subtle romance, and some of the usual chick lit elements. I was also pleasantly and completely shocked at the ending.

There did seem to be a couple of tiny loose plot threads that didn’t seem to get resolved in the end, but they were small enough to have not taken anything away from this wonderful novel.

Overall, I highly recommend this book to all suspense fans, and to anyone who enjoys a smart, exciting chick lit mystery.

5 Stars
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

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3 comments to Review: Look Closely

  • Jessica

    I just finished this book yesterday. I thought it was a good read and I would give it four stars myself. I thought the ending was a little predictable to me but the over all story was entertaining and well written.

  • Great review, Rian. I’m a sucker for any type of cozy mystery, and I have a soft spot for those with fun and snarky heroines! I haven’t read Laura Caldwell before, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for her work. :)

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