Review: Imaginary Men

Imaginary Men
by Anjali Banerjee
Downtown Press
Published October 2005
4/5 stars

Lina’s extended Indian family is wondering when she’ll ever get married. Lina herself is wondering when she’ll find the right man. In the meantime, she makes her home in San Francisco, working at a match-making company, and using her talents at finding people their Mr. or Mrs. Right.

After a particularly grueling wedding back home in India, her family tries to set her up with a bachelor she has absolutely NO interest in. Much to her horror she finds herself lying to her family and telling them she is engaged to a man named Raja Prasad. The only problem with that is that she does know a man by that name, but he is out of her reach.

But back at home in San Francisco, Raja seeks her out, wanting her to set his brother up with the perfect woman. Lina knows she is in trouble because her Aunt will soon be coming to California to approve of her “Fiance”.

How will Lina get out of this mess? Will her secret be discovered?

Imaginary Men was a very romantic read. The story line is completely based around love and finding the right man. As a matter of fact, this book would fit comfortably into the romance section of the bookstore. There is plenty of crackling romantic tension throughout that will keep the reader on their toes.

As a personal preference I usually don’t like to read romances too much, especially story-book like romances that are too good to be true. However in this case, it wasn’t too bad. I would have enjoyed it if Lina would have been more interested in her own life without a man, but obviously that wasn’t what this book was supposed to be about. The writing was fluid and enjoyable, and Lina as a main character was great: smart and easy to relate to.

Overall I’d recommend this book to readers who enjoy a good romantic, feel-good type story.

reviewed by Rian Montgomery

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