Review: Friday Night Cocktails

Friday Night Cocktails
by Allison Rushby
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

When I had heard what this book was supposed to be about, I was intrigued. I quickly raced down to the bookstore and grabbed a copy. What better premise can you imagine – two women decide one night (after having a few drinks) to put a list of “bastards” on the internet, only to have the list become extremely popular and get out of hand? I knew it would be good. And I was right – it was really good.

Gemma and Sarah have been friends forever. Along with their friendship, a list has survived over the years – a list they fondly call “the bastard list.” This list is made up of a the names of guys that had earned the name in one way or another. One night after a few too many cocktails, they decide to put the list up on the internet. Gemma not only puts up the list, but gets the word out to the virtual world about it. Before they know it, people all over the world are viewing the list, adding their own names and stories. Gemma discovers that money could be made from it, and she decides to put the list on a new website and begin advertising. The new name she comes up with is She hires an assistant (a quiet, serious type of guy) and the revenues begin rolling in.

Gemma’s friends Sarah and Michael begin expressing their concern over the website. After all, the website was supposed to be based on a list of men who had acted like bastards, not state that all men were bastards, right? Gemma seems to be especially bitter about men lately, it seems. But she has pretty good reason to, or so she thinks.

I absolutely adored “Friday Night Cocktails”. It was outrageously fun to read, well-written and irresistable. I loved Gemma, the main character. Although she was flawed in many ways, somehow I still found myself rooting for her. Even when she went off on her “All men are bastards!” tangent. She was a woman to be reckoned with, and I really enjoy that in a main character. As for the plot, it moved along breathlessly and was well executed. And the novel was very funny!

Overall, this book was a highly satisfying and fun read.

5 Stars

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