Review: Enchanted, Inc.

Enchanted, Inc.
by Shanna Swendson
Ballantine Books
May 2005

Although not a Harry Potter fan in the least, so far I have absolutely loved the novels to come out of the chick lit paranormal/fantasy sub-genre. Enchanted, Inc by Shanna Swendson was so good, in fact, that it made me wish the genre was bigger.

Meet Katie Chandler. From a small town in Texas and now residing in the large and overwhelming New York City, Katie is just trying to fit in and find her niche. Unfortunately her meager salary as an Assistant to the Marketing Director is barely covering rent, let alone any extras, and her boss is just plain terrible to work for. Katie also begins noticing more abnormal things on the streets and subways she takes to and from work. For instance, what is up with the girl with fairy wings? And why does nobody else seem to notice the gargoyle that sits on top of the church? And who is the horrifically ugly man who has begun to follow her around and offer her a new job?

After a particularly horrible day at her current job, Katie decides to bite the bullet and go for an interview at the company, MSI Inc, that the strange man keeps emailing her about.

Katie is in for a surprise, one that involves a lucrative new job, magic, spells, magic immunity, handsome men, gargoyles, fairies, and much more.

I absolutely loved Enchanted, Inc. It was a classic single-girl-in-the-city formula with a nice fantasy twist thrown in. Katie, for instance, has to deal with her job, boss, men, and life in the big city at the same time as handling her “immunity to magic” situation, which ends up taking more of her time than she ever intended. Through it all, Katie never loses her intelligence or humor.

Once you wrap your mind around the story line, this book manages to be somewhat realistic despite its magical plot… and for me, that is a major plus in any novel I’m reading!

Overall I highly recommend this book to all chick lit and fantasy fans for a fresh new entry into the new fantasy/paranormal chick lit genre. People who enjoy books set in New York City will also love it!

5/5 Stars

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7 comments to Review: Enchanted, Inc.

  • Timi Hazle

    It was cute. A good read between more serious pursuits. I’ll read the sequels if I can find them.

  • I adored this book! It was a perfect summer read. Like cotton candy, it was light, fluffy, and sweet :)

  • Raymond Weil

    I adored this book! It was a perfect summer read. Like cotton candy, it was light, fluffy, and sweet :) ;. All the best!!

  • Melissa

    I loved it.
    There are 4 books total in the series so far… I REALLY wished there would be a 5th book to wrap it all nicely…

  • Julie

    I loved this book! I had trouble finally rolling over to sleep the night I finished it, because I kept thinking about the characters. I immediately had to run out and get the other three books, which I also loved. I do think there is supposed to be a 5th book (which would probably wrap up the story in a much more satisfying way), but alas has not come out. I will be waiting with bated breath.

  • Nikki

    This book was wonderful! I found this one just browsing at Barnes & Noble then fell in love with the Characters! Its a great story line all the way through the 4th novel in the Series! I do wish the Publishing company would go ahead with the 5th book. This has become my favortie Series.

  • Luis Howard

    i like to hear paranormal stuffs because it stirs my excitement and imagination`:.