Review: Easy On The Eyes

Easy On The Eyes
by Jane Porter
reviewed by Kelly Smith

Tiana Tomlinson is at the height of her game as an anchor for America Tonight, a highly rated entertainment/news program. Or so she thinks. The higher-ups have other plans, namely replacing Tiana with a younger, hipper version named Shelby. Although the powers that be acknowledge Tiana’s smarts, they feel she could use a little help in the “you’re starting to look older so you need to consider a little nip and tuck” department. Tiana suddenly feels her world slipping away, the same world that has kept her going since the death of her husband seven years earlier. Not quite willing to bow down to the plastic surgery gauntlet that was thrown her way, she begins a journey to discover whether or not she still has “it,” whether or not she has it in her to buck the “fountain of youth” trend and whether or not she can move forward from her grief.

When a freak accident takes the question of plastic surgery for plastic surgery’s sake off the table, Tiana finds that she does indeed have the strength to let go of what she thought she needed and, with the help of a quite unexpected love, she realizes that just because she’s moving forward, it doesn’t mean that she’s forgotten her past.

Easy on the Eyes was a decent read but I found that the large amount of the book that was dedicated to Tiana Tomlinson’s grief over the loss of her husband was redundant. Especially since the fictional Tiana and her husband had been married less than a year and seven years later she was still almost paralyzed with grief. Unfortunately, it just didn’t come across as believable to me. I enjoyed the storyline as it related to the question of “eternal youth” in the entertainment industry since that is always a timely topic. I have read other books by Jane Porter and have enjoyed them but I have to say, this one is not a favorite.

Rating: 3 Stars

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