Review: Conversations With The Fat Girl

What happens when the childhood friend you grew up with moves on to seemingly greener pastures? This is the predicament our main character Maggie finds herself in when her best friend Olivia announces she is getting married and that Maggie is going to be the head bridesmaid.

Maggie and Olivia had both struggled with being overweight all through childhood, but Olivia had a successful gastric bypass surgery and is now nearing a size 2. Meanwhile Maggie is still the same. She is excited about being Olivia’s bridesmaid, but wonders why Olivia is settling for something less than what she deserves. Her new fiancé might be rich and extremely handsome, but he doesn’t seem very emotionally available.

At the same time, Maggie finds herself at that point in her life where things are changing unexpectedly. After getting kicked out of her apartment, she is faced with finding a new place. Her job as a waitress is getting old, and she finds herself longing to put her degree to good use. When new opportunities arise, Maggie must find the courage to move on. All the while she is feeling left out of Olivia’s wedding plans and trying to juggle a potential new man in her life.

Just how far will Maggie go to continue to try and fit into Olivia’s new life? Will she continue to let herself be treated as a doormat, or will she find the strength to stand up to her old friend?

I loved this book. Not only was it an excellent “bigger girl lit” read, but it told an excellent story of a childhood friendship on the rocks. I loved how Maggie was faced with so many life changes and choices, and although she didn’t always make the right decision, she stayed true throughout the book. There were many threads to the plot in this novel and they all were tied together seamlessly in the end. There was all the ingredients to an awesome chick lit read: humor, weight issues, subtle romance, friendship angst, career choices, and more.

Maggie did let herself get run over a bit in this book, but it wasn’t quite to the point where you wanted to scream at her. Considering that is usually a major pet peeve of mine, it didn’t distract much from this excellent novel.

Overall I highly recommend this book to all readers.

Conversations With The Fat Girl
by Liza Palmer
5 Spot
September 2005
5/5 Stars
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

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6 comments to Review: Conversations With The Fat Girl

  • Sara

    This is one of my all-time favorite books. So much so that I’ve personally bought and given three copies away to friends as gifts. And I have read it three times so far, and plan to read it again and again!

  • Beth

    I love, love, love Liza Palmer! If only she would write faster.

  • Maria


  • Sheila

    I really think this is the best book I’VE EVER READ, I LOVE IT!!!

  • Loony

    This book was a great read, I really got into it. I really liked the storyline, but I was disappointed with the ending; you don’t see how Maggie’s friendship with Olivia turns out, or how the wedding goes. I was really looking forward to that. Other than that, I really, really liked the book =)

  • Purrfection

    I would say this book will be terrific for the fat gals reader out there. Personally, I really could not understand this book since I cannot make any connection to the heroine and somehow objects the way she thinks and deals with the situation she was placed in. It really did not deserve a 5 star rating.