Review: Behaving Like Adults

Behaving Like Adults
by Anna Maxted
reviewed by Kelly Y. Smith, Guest reviewer
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Holly is an English girl, running her own dating business “Girl Meets Boy” and treading water in her relationship with her fiancé, Nick. After breaking off their engagement, Holly decides to take the advice of sister Claudia and friend Nige (who are both employees of “Girl Meets Boy”) and go on a date with prospective client. After a frightening first date with Stuart, she elects to give him another chance and that decision changes Holly and her life forever. (I sensed a mean streak in Stuart and wondered why, even though Holly appeared to, she didn’t act on it).

Struggling to right herself takes a long time as Holly becomes aware that she must address her issues head-on if she’s ever to move past them. With the help of family and friends, Holly realizes that one event doesn’t need to change her life forever and she has the ability to decide what controls her and what doesn’t. Through a winding road of re-discovery, Holly finally comes to the realization that she’s OK, her family’s OK, her business is great and what she needed and loves most is right in front of her.

Let me start off by saying that I’m a sucker for English writing and absolutely love the dry sense of humor that the English have. I love how a character can be going along in a conversation and then Zing!, I realize that they’ve just delivered a put-down that’s hilarious in its simplicity. Behaving Like Adults has a few of those laugh out loud moments and some of the characters are really characters in and of themselves, but parts of the book dragged for me. I would have enjoyed a little more of some characters and a little less of others and at times I found myself thinking, “Alright, Holly, enough already!” Other than those minor complaints, I can say that I enjoyed Behaving Like Adults and am looking forward to reading more from Anna Maxted.

3 Stars

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