Review: Beachcombers

by Nancy Thayer
reviewed by Kelly Smith

When the lives of sisters Abbie and Emma Fox implode, they each return to their childhood home on Nantucket Island to lick their wounds and figure out their next move. Younger sister Lily has never left the island, taking care of their father Jim and the house which hasn’t left her much time to figure out where her life is headed. Their mother committed suicide when they were young and changed each sister in very different ways. These differences become glaring when they’re all under the same roof once again as each sister struggles with reconciling what’s happened in their lives with the unknown of the future. Adding to girls’ confusion is Marina, a woman who came to the island to recover from a terrible shock in her own life, winds up renting the cottage on the family property (Which I could totally see myself living in!), and catching their father’s eye. Throughout the book, the women of Beachcombers learn to come to terms with each other, their faults, expectations and pasts and discover that despite everything, they’re going to be okay and deserve the happiness each discovers from having come home.

Let me start by saying that I’m all in when it comes to anything having to do with Nantucket Island. It’s a beautiful place to be and Nancy Thayer describes it wonderfully. That being said, I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well-written and dimensional enough to keep them interesting. The plot line, while on the surface may seem simple, becomes more complex as each character’s internal struggles are met, challenged and resolved.
Beachcombers is a thoroughly enjoyable read and I fully intend on reading more from Nancy Thayer and hope you do too!

5 Stars

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