Review: A Match Made On Madison

A Match Made On Madison
by Dee Davis
reviewed by Kelly Smith

Meet Vanessa Carlson, who’s making her mark as a top-rated matchmaker in Manhattan after leaving her mentor, Althea Sevalas. Taking everything she learned while being Althea’s right-hand, Vanessa launches her own matchmaking company and is on the verge of becoming very successful at it. After all, plenty of people in Manhattan need assistance in finding their soul-mate, right? Even though Althea is happy for Vanessa’s success, there’s a competitive undercurrent between them that rears its head one night after too many dirty martinis were imbibed at Bemelmans Bar. A bet is made between the two that includes Mark Grayson, a handsome, wildly successful and very confirmed bachelor and an “as yet to be named” future Mrs. Grayson. When Vanessa convinces Mark Grayson to become her client, she’s thrilled (Althea? Not so much), but now she has to deliver a wedding in order to claim complete victory.

Throw in a few of Vanessa’s other clients whose match-made relationships are on the verge of break-down, her lothario of an alley cat who’s seen fit to defile Vanessa’s uppity neighbor’s pure-bred and Vanessa’s choice of a mate for the fabulous Mr. Grayson, while seemingly perfect (she is, after all, Van’s best friend Cybil), and Vanessa is stretched to her limit. With everything else Vanessa has to deal with, she discovers that what started out as a simple bet between friends for the title of Manhatten’s Premier Matchmaker becomes unexpectedly complicated when she realizes that she may have made the wrong choice with her pick for a match for Mark Grayson and what, if anything, she should do about it.

I really enjoyed this book. Ms. Davis gives her main characters personality and her story line was detailed and moved along nicely. Even with her minor characters, Ms. Davis delivers them with enough development to make them relevant in their supportive capacity. And who doesn’t love a story that includes snippets of what the city that never sleeps has to offer? All in all, I recommend reading A Match Made on Madison as it’s a fun, pleasant read.

5 Stars

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