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Hey all! Great news – the Mom Lit (also known as Mommy Lit and Baby Lit) sub-genre page has finally been updated and redone. I’ve added new books, including several ebooks. Click here to check out the new page!

Please let me know if I’ve left any books out. I will be happy to add anything that is missing.

I’ll be working on some of the other sub-genre pages over the next few weeks as well, and will announce when they are redone and revamped.

UPDATE: The Bigger Girl/Dieting/Weight Lit and Anthologies pages have also finally been updated!


Review: Joyride

by Lindsay Faith Rech
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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Ever wonder what it would be like to have a best friend from childhood who would remain your best friend forever? Or even a group of friends? Lindsay Faith Rech’s latest book explores just that possibility, and more. This is no ordinary chick lit book, I might add. Instead, this book is a wonderful novel filled with characters that you just don’t want to leave at the end, and a story that is more like an experience then just a story.

“Joyride” is told from Stella’s point of view. The story begins in the present tense one night when Stella gets a phone call from her best childhood friend Emily, who now lives in Europe. Continue reading Review: Joyride

Review: Alternate Beauty

Alternate Beauty
by Andrea Rains Waggener
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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Have you ever imagined a world where overweight is considered beautiful? A world where the skinnier you are, the more you are ridiculed? That is the concept of what “Alternate Beauty” by Andrea Rains Waggener is.

Meet Tabitha. She is overweight and generally unhappy. She is tired of being constantly put down by her mother, a thin socialite. The woman she rents an apartment from is not the nicest person around either. Worst of all, she’s about to lose her job because she is getting too heavy, Continue reading Review: Alternate Beauty

Review: Big Girl

 Meet Victoria Dawson, heroine of Big Girl by Danielle Steel. The firstborn child, she grows up feeling out of place in her family because of her fair hair and thicker build. While the rest of her family is dark haired and thin, Victoria is blond, blue-eyed and according to her father, has his grandmother’s ‘big’ build. Victoria puts up with her father’s thinly-veiled barbs while her mother constantly drops weight remarks. Meanwhile her parents dote on the younger sister Grace, as she is beautiful and thin. Victoria and Grace form a strong sisterly bond despite the family tension.

Victoria goes to college at Northwestern, then later becomes a private high school teacher in New York City. She is aware that she often overeats – especially when things go wrong – but she doesn’t know what to do about it. Continue reading Review: Big Girl

New Updates, Reviews & Site Information

Wow, is it really already September!? I’ll be 35 near the end of the month, and Fall 2012 will be here in just a few weeks! Eek! :)

Anyway, you all might notice that I’ve been slowly adding new guest reviews sporadically over the past couple of months. We have a couple of guest reviewers but only one who is sending in reviews at the moment. Hopefully that will change soon! I’ve also been adding some of my own older reviews for great books from years past. I’ll soon be adding at least one new review in the next few days and am hoping to add others soon, but it may be a slow month. I’ve read a few books recently but am behind on the actual ‘writing of the reviews’ part. Keep an eye out though, you never know when something new will be added here!

Also, to all the authors and publicists who have emailed about your books: Thank you so much for contacting me! I apologize for not getting back to many of you in a timely manner. At the moment, I do not have any available reviewers for books except for myself and one guest reviewer who is already very busy. I will be putting together a “Recommend Reading/New Books” post very soon and will make sure to include as many as I can in it. (Also keep in mind that there are pretty cheap advertising options available on this site – please contact me for info and rates.)

To chick lit reviewers who would like your reviews to be featured on this site: I’d love to hear from you! If you have written reviews for chick lit novels not already reviewed here (use the search box on the right to double-check), please contact me. Also, if you are a chick lit writer/blogger looking for more exposure, I’m considering adding guest bloggers for this site. This site is visited by hundreds of chick lit readers, publishers, authors and reviewers daily.

Lastly, I’m also working on putting new pages up on this website. It’s a work in progress and when they are done, I’ll be announcing it here.

That’s it for now – I hope all of my US visitors enjoy(ed) your Labor Day!


Review: Paging Aphrodite

Paging Aphrodite
by Kim Green
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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Four women – a Greek island filled with hunks – what can possibly go wrong? Plenty, if you consider what got them all to the island in the first place! 25-year old Kelah from London is dying to become a published writer. Maybe a beautiful island can help? Anya from San Francisco is convinced she is cursed in love – and after almost dying from an overdose, she has a choice: check into rehab, or go on vacation with her friend’s sister Parker. Parker meanwhile has problems of her own – her husband of only 11 days has deserted her. Continue reading Review: Paging Aphrodite

Review: The Hazards Of Sleeping Alone

The Hazards of Sleeping Alone
by Elise Juska
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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This book tells the heartwarming, intriguing story of Charlotte, a divorced woman who has lived alone in New Jersey every since her free-spirited and passionate daughter went off to college. With her ex husband living in Seattle, Charlotte is just fine going about her life on her own. Although Charlotte misses her daughter Emily and is always wondering what she is doing, things are okay in her life. After all, she has her routines to occupy her time.

However Emily, who now lives in New Hampshire with her boyfriend and two eccentric roommates, Continue reading Review: The Hazards Of Sleeping Alone

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