Review: Frenemies

by Megan Crane
reviewed by Kelly Y. Smith, Guest reviewer
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Augusta “Gus” Curtis is fast approaching her (gasp!) thirtieth birthday and she’s feeling pretty good about where she is in her life. She’s dating Nate, a long-time friend, has her two besties, Georgia and Amy Lee, by her side, loves her job as a librarian for a quirky, out of the way museum and adores her one bedroom apartment that’s chock full of college memorabilia. But when, with a little help from Nate’s roommate, Henry, she discovers Nate kissing Helen (her old college roommate and friend), she falls apart like so many girls before her when confronted Continue reading Review: Frenemies

Review: Starlit

by Lisa Rinna
reviewed by Kelly Y. Smith, Guest Reviewer
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Starlit finds Tally Jones, a young, beautiful, auburn haired waitress/actress trying to make it in the glittery world of Hollywood. Accompanied by her friends, Mandy and Sadie, they all take the required acting classes and wait on the stars at high profile Hollywood functions, convinced that if they can all just get one shot, they’ll make it in Hollywood. Well, not so surprisingly, Tally, Sadie and Mandy each get their shot, albeit in different ways. Tally, being the main character, quickly gets discovered and makes her way to the upper echelons of the Hollywood rich and famous. Continue reading Review: Starlit

Review: Can You Keep A Secret?

Can You Keep A Secret?
by Sophie Kinsella
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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Sophie Kinsella is one of my absolute favorite authors of all time. I was excited when “Can You Keep a Secret?” came out. Somehow I knew that it would be as good as the Shopaholic series – and I was right! It was a fantastically funny and touching read.

The main character, Emma Corrigan, is your normal 25-year old and somewhat-insecure woman. She is trying to get a promotion at work, has a fantastic boyfriend, and is very happy with life, or so she thinks. On an extremely turbulent flight back from a business trip from Glasgow, Emma’s secrets unwillingly spill out to a total stranger next to her. Continue reading Review: Can You Keep A Secret?

Review: True Love (And Other Lies)

True Love (and Other Lies)
by Whitney Gaskell
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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Clare Spencer, main heroine of True Love and Other Lies, is a travel writer – but not the glamorous kind. She works for a magazine called “Sassy Seniors”, and gets stuck traveling to places that are suitable mainly for senior citizens. Not only that, but the slightly sarcastic and witty twist she injects into the articles she writes are always being shot down by her editor. The story starts with Clare boarding a plane and getting stuck sitting next to an irate Indian woman who keeps complaining non-stop to her husband seated behind her, but the guy sitting next to the woman’s husband offers to switch seats. Continue reading Review: True Love (And Other Lies)

News: Sub-Genre Pages Finally Being Updated!

Hey all! Great news – the Mom Lit (also known as Mommy Lit and Baby Lit) sub-genre page has finally been updated and redone. I’ve added new books, including several ebooks. Click here to check out the new page!

Please let me know if I’ve left any books out. I will be happy to add anything that is missing.

I’ll be working on some of the other sub-genre pages over the next few weeks as well, and will announce when they are redone and revamped.

UPDATE: The Bigger Girl/Dieting/Weight Lit and Anthologies pages have also finally been updated!


Review: Joyride

by Lindsay Faith Rech
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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Ever wonder what it would be like to have a best friend from childhood who would remain your best friend forever? Or even a group of friends? Lindsay Faith Rech’s latest book explores just that possibility, and more. This is no ordinary chick lit book, I might add. Instead, this book is a wonderful novel filled with characters that you just don’t want to leave at the end, and a story that is more like an experience then just a story.

“Joyride” is told from Stella’s point of view. The story begins in the present tense one night when Stella gets a phone call from her best childhood friend Emily, who now lives in Europe. Continue reading Review: Joyride

Review: Alternate Beauty

Alternate Beauty
by Andrea Rains Waggener
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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Have you ever imagined a world where overweight is considered beautiful? A world where the skinnier you are, the more you are ridiculed? That is the concept of what “Alternate Beauty” by Andrea Rains Waggener is.

Meet Tabitha. She is overweight and generally unhappy. She is tired of being constantly put down by her mother, a thin socialite. The woman she rents an apartment from is not the nicest person around either. Worst of all, she’s about to lose her job because she is getting too heavy, Continue reading Review: Alternate Beauty

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