Review: Falling Out of Fashion

Falling Out of Fashion by Karen Yampolsky was simply one of the best [adult] chick lit novels I have read in quite some time. It is a working-girl chick lit novel, but also falls into the glamour lit category quite easily. The plot revolves around Jill White, a woman who has a magazine named after her. She manages to make a very strong and passionate name for herself, although the ride along the way was a little bumpy.

From college woes to job stress, to life and love, it’s all here in this book, written very warmly and intelligently. Jill White is one of those larger-than-life characters who you can’t help but love. Continue reading Review: Falling Out of Fashion

TeenChickLit is back up and running!


Check out the gorgeous new design for! I’ve also added my older teen reviews and a couple of new ones. I will be adding plenty more reviews to it in the next few days.

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Also, you may notice that there is a new layout on this website.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be adding all of my old reviews to this website as well as new ones.  Stay tuned…


Hey everybody! I have some bad news about the forums: I have so far been unable to resurrect them. Which means at some point soon I will just have to start over from scratch and recreate them.

I will be posting a couple of quick book reviews in the next few days as well and put up the new November 2006 books.

New October 2006 Books

Here is a glance at the new October 2006 chick lit releases…

  • Girls’ Guide to Witchcraft – Mindy Klasky
  • Lucky Girl by Fiona Gibson
  • The Girls’ Almanac by Emily Franklin
  • Hot Flash Holidays (new in paperback) by Nancy Thayer
  • My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding by various
  • It’s About Your Husband by Lauren Lipton
  • The Accidental It Girl by Libby Street
  • Going Home by Harriet Evans
  • Calm, Cool & Adjusted by Kristin Billerbeck
  • Velvet Rope Diaries by Daniella Brodsky
  • Which End is Up? by Patricia Kay
  • The Truth About Diamonds (new in paperback) by Nicole Richie
  • ManEater (new in paperback) by Gigi Levangie Grazer
  • Jamaican Me Crazy by Debbie DiGiovanni
  • True Confessions of The Stratford Park PTA by Nancy Robards Thompson

Review: Sex and the Single Ghost

Being an avid fan of Fantasy/Paranormal chick lit, I was eager to read this book. It’s a story about a girl named Claire who died nine years ago. For the past near decade she has sat in “Purgatory”, which is sort of like a version of the Afterlife, or Heaven.

Every nine years, souls in the Afterlife get to go back down to earth in their original physical body for one night – on Halloween. If in that time the person manages to touch a human’s soul, they are allowed to stay on earth for nine days and nights.

Claire is desperate to get down to earth because she is dying to have sex. Yes, that’s right – apparently in the Afterlife, there is no sex, no eating chocolate, no fun. (Who knew the Afterlife would be full of horny ghosts??) So upon her trip back to earth, she tries to track down the one man that she has desperately wanted to sleep with for years.

Little does she know that he is also “dead”, too.. and returning to Earth as a ghost.

Continue reading Review: Sex and the Single Ghost

ChickLitBooks is Now a Blog

Hey everyone… welcome to the new

You’ll notice several changes here. First and most importantly, we are now a blog. You are probably asking “Why??” Many reasons factored into my decision to do this, but it was mostly the fact that blogging is a lot easier – yet powerful – to manage than running a regular site. As many of you know, this site has languished since June and was even down for about a month in the late summer. In any case, making this site into a blog will be a very easy way to keep files backed up (in case we have a server crash like last time) and save TONS of time with updates.

Please bear with us during the transition; I will be adding tons of content and information over the next few days! You are free to leave comments, but if spam becomes a problem I will require you to register on this blog to leave comments. It would be wise to save yourself time and do it now.

Also, if you’d like to be linked in our blogroll, please email me at and I will be happy to exchange links if you run a book or chick lit related site.

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