Review: Around The World In 80 Dates

I love reading books about traveling and dating – especially when based on a true story. I knew this book fit into both categories and was based on the author’s non-fictional account of how she found her true love.

Around the World in 80 Dates starts off in the UK where Jennifer is fresh from her latest heartbreak, and takes the reader from beginning to end. You will learn how she conceived of her “Around the World in 80 Dates” idea; You will be taken vicariously through each of her sometimes odd but often interesting dates; You’ll see how she ends up meeting “the one”; and much more.

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Review: Emily’s Reasons Why Not

Mr. Wrong. We’ve all dated him, and some of us are too good at finding him. Emily Sanders, our main heroine of this novel, seems to have an extraordinarily good nose at picking out the wrong man. So she decides to go to therapy to see what she is doing wrong. Her therapist tells her to make a list of 10 reasons why she thinks it didn’t work out for her past relationships. So she does.

The novel goes back and forth in time, and tells the story of each of Emily’s relationships, while Emily lists the reasons why she thinks it didn’t work out. Each of the stories are really good. When she gets to her most recent relationship, which she is still in at the time of therapy, she begins listing why she knows deep down that the relationship won’t work out either. Continue reading Review: Emily’s Reasons Why Not

Review: Hand-Me-Down

Anti-heroines work really well in a novel if the author can present them in such a way that the reader still loves them regardless of their many quirks, mistakes and shortcomings. Lee Nichols, author of Hand-Me-Down definitely possesses such talent – her characters in both of her books have been flawed, but highly lovable.

In this latest offering, we have Annie (Anne). She is tired of living in the shadow of her two older sisters- one is a famous swimsuit model and the other is a bestselling author. Not only that but her life growing up as the youngest child has always been difficult. She often ended up with the oldest and most worn items. Continue reading Review: Hand-Me-Down

Review: The Givenchy Code

The Givenchy Code is one of the latest new chick lit mysteries that are beginning to trickle out into the market. Chick lit meets danger/suspense/action in this novel- or at least I thought it was supposed to. Let me elucidate.

Meet Melanie Prescott. The first time we meet her, she is a hip, upbeat woman just scraping by on rent, hoping to meet Mr. Right and trying to fund her expensive taste for designer shoes. The day starts off normally: she is walking dogs for some extra cash when she runs into her ex boyfriend Todd, who manages to coerce her (with beautiful designer shoes) into coming over to his place for dinner. But after a night spent with him, she wakes and discovers him in a pool of blood and brains… and the hunt begins. Continue reading Review: The Givenchy Code

Review: Her Backyard

I was pretty lucky to have gotten an advance copy of this novel early enough that a review blurb was published on the front cover!

Onto the review: If you have ever gotten so involved with your present life and job that you wake up one day and realize that you have become a completely different person than you ever wanted to be, you will be able to identify with this novel.

When the book starts out, Audrey is living in the great city of New York. She has a tiny but tastefully decorated apartment, and a tough, demanding but well-paying job as a business manager, complete with hellish hours and rude boss. Audrey is generally happy, but discontent at her corporate life gnaws at her from time to time. One night, at a company dinner party she is hosting, Audrey discovers that her coworkers think she is cold and kind of mean. Audrey gets pretty upset, knowing this isn’t the life for her. What has she become? And what can she do? Then a phone call from her sister Ava back home in Florida comes through – it turns out their father is very ill, and Audrey needs to fly home immediately. Continue reading Review: Her Backyard

Review: I’m Not The New Me

Blogging and online diaries are a very popular thing these days. Nearly everyone has something to say. I’m Not the New Me by Wendy McClure is a memoir based on the online journal she kept to (sort-of) track her weight loss. This book chronicles how Wendy lost over 25 pounds mostly using the Weight Watchers system. She makes clear that she was adamantly against all the diet type things and advice that everyone always gave her. Through the course of the story, we learn how Wendy came about to deciding to lose weight and putting her website online; how she had a couple of serious relationships that fell apart; how she learned through friends that she wasn’t truly “ready” to lose all of her weight. And much more.

Laid out in short chapters that occasionally go from present to past tense, there are even some funny weight-watcher cards in the middle of the book that make fun of the horrible diet “dishes” that are supposed to be healthy. Continue reading Review: I’m Not The New Me

Review: Emily Ever After

This is a classic “Single Girl Moves to the Big City” chick lit.

Our main heroine Emily Hinton has made the big move from a sleepy Southern California suburb to Manhattan. She is a church-going girl with morals, and she vows not to drink to much or get involved with the wrong man. Thanks to her generous uncle, she has a new job at a large publishing house. Emily knows immediately that things aren’t going to be quite as she’d imagined. First, her roommate (whom she’d met on the internet) was nothing like she’d hoped. Then she meets the totally eligible and handsome Bennett. He seems to be the last man in Manhattan that goes to church and has morals. They immediately hit it off, but it becomes clear that something isn’t quite right. He seems to keep trying to get her into bed, for one thing, although she’s made it clear that she doesn’t do that before marriage.

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