Review: Chalking It Up

Working Girl Chick Lit is fast becoming one of my favorite sub-genres of chick lit. These novels usually feature women struggling to find their right career path, and in the process, go over a lot of bumps or end up having to claw their way up the ladder of success. This book is a wonderful example of such a novel.

Heather Hall, the main character, is what you would call a “corporate rebel”. She has been working for a large corporation called Commerce World, and along with her friend Regan, is testing just how far she could go without getting “laid off” or fired. Since the company had been doing layoffs for some time, she fears her turn is coming up soon. Sneaking away on two hour lunches, watching movies during company time, and coming in late every day, Heather knows her number will be up soon. And sure enough, it is one day. Continue reading Review: Chalking It Up

Review: The Twins Of Tribeca

There is nothing like a breathtakingly good book that simply will not let you put it down, regardless of what time you have to get up the next morning. Even better is when it is a debut novel. I found The Twins of Tribeca by Rachel Pine to be such a novel. It was so good, so gossipy, so dishy, and so well-written that I simply had no choice but to finish the book in one read.

Bored with her job at CNN, Karen Jacobs (our main heroine) jumps at the chance to work in the publicity department for Glorious Productions. Despite having heard terrible rumors about the working conditions there, she manages to get hired on as a junior publicist – assistant to the infamous Allegra Orecchi. Continue reading Review: The Twins Of Tribeca

Review: Off The Record

What would you do if you found out a childhood schoolmate had named a famous love song after you?

When Jane Marlowe, a highly organized lawyer about to be made partner at her firm, finds out from her brother that the kid that grew up across the street from them has written a song about her, she is confused. After all, she had never gone out with Teddy, the now-famous rock star in question. She doesn’t want to believe it. After all, she likes to keep her life organized and complication-free. She doesn’t have time for this.

But unfortunately her brother is determined to push her into the spotlight and shed light on the fact that yes, she is the “Janey” in the song. Jane meanwhile decides one night on a whim to live it up. After all, how often is a famous love song written for you? Her life quickly turns into talk shows and interviews. But are things what they really seem? And what about Drew, the guy at her office that seems sort-of interested in her? Continue reading Review: Off The Record

Review: Conversations With The Fat Girl

What happens when the childhood friend you grew up with moves on to seemingly greener pastures? This is the predicament our main character Maggie finds herself in when her best friend Olivia announces she is getting married and that Maggie is going to be the head bridesmaid.

Maggie and Olivia had both struggled with being overweight all through childhood, but Olivia had a successful gastric bypass surgery and is now nearing a size 2. Meanwhile Maggie is still the same. She is excited about being Olivia’s bridesmaid, but wonders why Olivia is settling for something less than what she deserves. Her new fiancé might be rich and extremely handsome, but he doesn’t seem very emotionally available. Continue reading Review: Conversations With The Fat Girl

Review: Do They Wear High Heels In Heaven?

Do They Wear High Heels in Heaven?
by Erica Orloff
Red Dress Ink
October 2005
4/5 Stars

The title of this novel is a perfect description for the story. Not only because the book is about someone dying, but because, as the title implies, it is a “superficial” look at life and death.

Continue reading Review: Do They Wear High Heels In Heaven?

Review: Charmed & Dangerous

Charmed & Dangerous
by Candace Havens
Berkley Publishing
December 2007
5/5 Stars

What do you get when you mix a witch, a warlock, a Sheik, a bunch of bad guys, tons of spells, and plenty of laughs? Charmed and Dangerous by Candace Havens. After reading this novel I found it hard to believe that this was the author’s debut fiction novel, because it was so well-written.

Continue reading Review: Charmed & Dangerous

Review: Everyone Worth Knowing

Everyone Worth Knowing
by Lauren Weisberger
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

It’s no secret that I love Glamour chick lit and Single City Girl lit, so when a book comes along that falls into both categories, I am usually quick to snatch it up. Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger is such a book.

After quitting her stuffy Manhattan banking job, 27-year old Bette doesn’t quite know what to do with herself. She manages to land, through a series of lucky coincidences, a job at one of the hottest PR firms in town. Her life is suddenly filled with parties and glamourous events – not to mention a new man or two. Philip Weston is one of the most notorious and handsome bachelors in Manhattan, and Bette finds herself dating him- sort of. Then she meets the charismatic Sammy, who seems to be a great guy, but he is only a bouncer and doesn’t seem to fit into Bette’s glitzy new life. Or does he? While all of this is going on, Bette is starting to drift away from her best friend Penelope, who is meanwhile engaged to a complete and utter jerk. Continue reading Review: Everyone Worth Knowing

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