Review: Shaking Her Assets

In the space of a month, our main heroine Rachel has lost both her job and her boyfriend of two years. Just when she thinks things can’t get much worse, her best friend Ben drops the bomb that he is getting married… to his Park Avenue girlfriend. That in itself isn’t so bad, but Rachel has always secretly wondered what would happen if she had ended up as his girlfriend, instead of just his friend. Now it seems she is too late.

Bored with her sudden joblessness, Rachel flits from temp job to temp job, until one night, as a joke, she decides to start a letter-writing business. More specifically, a business where she would help prospective business-school applicants write their entrance essays and letters. After papering Manhattan with leaflets containing her name and phone number advertising her business, she promptly forgets about it… Continue reading Review: Shaking Her Assets

Review: Dreaming In Black And White

Meet Phoebe Grant. She is thirty-something, has a few extra pounds padding her figure, and just wants to meet a good Christian man to settle down with. Unfortunately she is laid off from her job writing obituaries, and must find something else to do. At the same time, her best friend Lindsey signs her up for an online personals service. After at least one disastrous date resulting from the dating service, Phoebe thinks she has met the email man of her dreams. But then she gets a call from her mother who has become injured and needs Phoebe to fly home to the small California town she grew up in.

Back at home, Phoebe has her hands full with the town’s newspaper, which lost one its oldest reporters. Her mother also keeps her busy, as does a couple of other causes Phoebe can’t resist getting involved with. Her dating life is pretty much non-existant, since the only man that seems to be available is the infuriatingly handsome yet seemingly moral-lacking Alex, who was responsible for Phoebe’s layoff back in Cleveland. But is there more that meets the eye to this guy? Continue reading Review: Dreaming In Black And White

Review: What A Girl Wants

Ashley Stockingdale, a successful patent attorney, seems to have it all: a great condo in Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, CA), a great job, a sporty car, and a great group of Christian friends whom she calls “The Reasons”. She wants to settle down and get married – preferably with Seth, a handsome, blue-eyed man in The Reasons. At 31, she feels her time is running out.

Fed up with doing the same thing with the same people day after day, week after week, Ashley decides one day to change her attitude and outlook on life. Before she knows it, she has met a very handsome doctor who has just broken up with his girlfriend. At the same time, Seth decides to enlist her help in getting the attention of a beautiful young woman, who happens to be the handsome doctor’s ex-girlfriend. As if things aren’t complicated enough, Ashley’s job begins sending her to Thailand for business, and she discovers she has to move due to some unpleasant infestation problems. Just when Ashley’s life seems to be filled with excitement and new men, she wonders if her old comfortable life might have been enough. Continue reading Review: What A Girl Wants

Review: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Men I’ve Dated

With a name like Rory Egglehoff, you can imagine what kind of “geek” this main heroine is supposed to be portrayed as. And sure enough, she is! Working as an accountant, Rory is currently dating a boring Star Wars geek, and although she herself is a non-boring Star Wars geek, the sparks just aren’t there between them.

However, after Rory runs into an old crush from grade school – the handsome Hunter Chase, her best friend Allison convinces her to go after him. Rory decides to go through with it. The results that ensue are slightly disastrous but entertaining. Rory hides her true vegetarian, Star-wars-convention attending geeky self and begins to win Hunter over. But will it last? Will she succeed in getting the man of her dreams and in the process lose herself? Continue reading Review: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Men I’ve Dated

Review: Wolves In Chic Clothing

There’s nothing like a good book with spoiled, rich characters who have it all and like to flaunt it. We first saw this type of book in “Bergdorf Blondes” (which was a better book than this). With Wolves in Chic Clothing by Carrie Karasyov and Jill Kargman, it’s a jewelry heiress named Lell Pelham of Pelham Jewelers who decides to take the hip, beautiful but offbeat Julia under her wings.

It begins innocently enough. First Julia gets to deliver Lell’s engagement ring to her, then Lell decides to promote Julia to be her assistant in a new department of the store. Soon Julia is thrust into parties, makeovers, and society events. Lell’s rich and mostly stuck-up friends, who are not without problems of their own, also take Julia under her wing, but not without some cattiness. But when Lell’s husband and Julia realize they are extremely attracted to each other, things begin spinning out of control. What will happen if Lell catches them? Continue reading Review: Wolves In Chic Clothing

Review: Around The World In 80 Dates

I love reading books about traveling and dating – especially when based on a true story. I knew this book fit into both categories and was based on the author’s non-fictional account of how she found her true love.

Around the World in 80 Dates starts off in the UK where Jennifer is fresh from her latest heartbreak, and takes the reader from beginning to end. You will learn how she conceived of her “Around the World in 80 Dates” idea; You will be taken vicariously through each of her sometimes odd but often interesting dates; You’ll see how she ends up meeting “the one”; and much more.

Continue reading Review: Around The World In 80 Dates

Review: Emily’s Reasons Why Not

Mr. Wrong. We’ve all dated him, and some of us are too good at finding him. Emily Sanders, our main heroine of this novel, seems to have an extraordinarily good nose at picking out the wrong man. So she decides to go to therapy to see what she is doing wrong. Her therapist tells her to make a list of 10 reasons why she thinks it didn’t work out for her past relationships. So she does.

The novel goes back and forth in time, and tells the story of each of Emily’s relationships, while Emily lists the reasons why she thinks it didn’t work out. Each of the stories are really good. When she gets to her most recent relationship, which she is still in at the time of therapy, she begins listing why she knows deep down that the relationship won’t work out either. Continue reading Review: Emily’s Reasons Why Not

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