Review: Dating Can Be Deadly

Dating Can Be Deadly
by Wendy Roberts
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

Meet Tabitha. After having her purse snatched while waiting for the bus with her friend Jenny one evening, she comes across something very disturbing in a graveyard. Blessed (or is it cursed?) with the gift of clairvoyance, it’s not the first time Tabitha has been able to see visions of horrible things to come. Sure enough, she is soon thrown headlong into a mystery involving a woman’s death, two handsome men, an old abandoned building, disgusting beetle bugs, and frightening nightmares and visions. Somehow she must get to the bottom of the mystery because it seems whoever is responsible has chosen her for his next victim…

With a plethora of intriguing details about witchcraft and clairvoyance mixed in with drinks with the girls, dates with handsome unobtainable men, Continue reading Review: Dating Can Be Deadly

Review: Escape From Bridezilla

Emily Briggs, our main heroine, has just been proposed to by boyfriend Henry. Although Emily has always promised herself she wouldn’t become “one of those horrible, obsessive brides-to-be”, she starts showing signs of it right away. Her annoying mother adds into the fray, trying to take over many of the details. Throw in an attractive guy that Emily seems to have a thing for, moving into a new apartment with Henry, and more – things don’t seem to be going the way she planned. Since I was truly confused at what was going on half of the time in the story, I really can’t give a better plot synopsis.

This book had some amusing moments. The entire novel is filled with Emily’s sporadic and jumbled thoughts that get thrown in the midst of paragraphs where things are happening to characters. Some of her thoughts are funny, as Emily seems to be a vibrant and odd character. Continue reading Review: Escape From Bridezilla

Review: The Diva’s Guide To Selling Your Soul

The Diva’s Guide To Selling Your Soul
by Kathleen O’Reilly
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

This novel explores the unusual topic of selling one’s soul – to the devil. V – the main character, (she isn’t allowed to tell you her real name) was once a size 14 with lumpy thighs, a mediocre life and job, and was miserable. That all changed when V decided to sign her soul over to the devil – in exchange for beauty, powers, wealth and fame. There are different levels of the program (called “the Life Enrichment Program”). Your powers increase with each level. There are some catches, of course. In order to move through the levels, you have to recruit other people into the program. You have to practice apathy at all times, and you must be discreet. Continue reading Review: The Diva’s Guide To Selling Your Soul

Review: Love Like That

Dalton Moss (everyone calls her Doll) is a hip, modern, Southern Californian girl. Working as an assistant to a glamorous events planner, Dalton finds herself torn between two men. There is the handsome, sweet, caring and intellectual Roman, who has just proposed – and then taken off to Africa for a six month trip. Then there is Jeremy, who is irresistibly attractive, frustratingly hot-and-cold, and just somehow gets under Dalton’s skin. Never mind the fact that Jeremy already has a girlfriend. Dalton never intended to keep seeing Jeremy, but somehow, she can’t help herself. And her fiancé Roman seems to never be around!

Through alcohol-soaked nights, run-ins with her arch-rival from high school, dealing with her zany roommates (also going through guy troubles), Dalton must figure out which guy she really likes – before it is too late. Continue reading Review: Love Like That

Review: Little White Lies

If you’ve ever done something wrong with good intentions, you will enjoy this novel.

Natalie has just moved to Notting Hill from a small town, leaving behind a boyfriend who treated her horribly but whom she can’t stop thinking about. She is lonely, having just been in town for a month. She has a job in a high-fashion boutique, but still hasn’t made any friends. So after a month of being lonely, she decides something must be done. The former tenant of her flat, the glamourous-sounding Cressida, keeps getting mail. Since Natalie doesn’t have a forwarding address for her, the mail continues to pile up. And one day Natalie decides to open an invitation, just out of curiosity.

As soon as she opens the letter, things begin happening. She starts making friends at work, finally meets the adorable guy upstairs who always has parties, goes on a blind date, and gets invited to all kinds of parties. Mind you, the people at the parties think she is Cressida. As does her blind date, the handsome Simon Rutherford, whom she might be falling in love with… Continue reading Review: Little White Lies

Review: Notes From The Underbelly

Ever find yourself dragged into pregnancy kicking and screaming? That’s how Lara Stone, main heroine of this book, finds herself. She had been putting off getting pregnant for some time – because after all, she had finally worked her way down to a size 4. As an admissions counselor at Bel Air Prep, Lara doesn’t have time to have a kid. However, her husband Andrew gives her an ultimatum one night: either agree to have a child, or reassess your marriage priorities. (In other words, “get pregnant or get out”).

Continue reading Review: Notes From The Underbelly

Review: The Girls’ Global Guide To Guys

If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to visit many of Europe’s hot spots, you’ll love this book.

Jadie Peregrine is tired of her boring office job. She desperately wants to break into writing full-time, but so far she’s had little luck. The city of Boulder, CO that she lives in is just not prime dating ground either – she’s had nothing but miserable dating experiences. What she wants to do more than anything is take off and travel through Europe. But how can she afford it? While pondering this very question, she is suddenly hit with an idea: what if she were to travel the world and write a book on the differences and similarities of dating in other cultures and countries? Continue reading Review: The Girls’ Global Guide To Guys

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