Review: The Goddess Rules

It’s a plot that has been done many, many, times: sweet, caring girl has boyfriend who treats her like dirt. Girl keeps intending to leave boyfriend but is too weak. On the sidelines is an old guy friend who is cute and nice who you know girl will end up with. Girl doesn’t realize she has feelings for nice guy until nearly the end of the story. Then jerk boyfriend comes back for one more go-round. Girl realizes her mistake almost too late but ends up with nice guy in end.

Sound familiar?

The Goddess Rules by Clare Naylor features a slight variation of the above story. Meet Kate Disney. She lives in a shed, she paints animals for a living, and is unhappy with her life. Yes, the requisite gay best friend is around. But this time there is another character, the fascinating Mirri. Continue reading Review: The Goddess Rules

Review: Hot Tamara

Meet Tamara Contreras. She is 26 and still living at home, but desperate to break out on her own. Especially after her boyfriend Ruben proposes at a family wedding, and Tamara turns him down in front of everyone. Now her mother is angry with her, and her family thinks something is wrong with her.

With her mother getting more and more controlling, Tamara decides to put her dreams to break free into reality. She gets a part-time job at a gallery in Los Angeles and a tiny apartment. Much to her mother’s strong protest and threats that she will no longer speak to her, Tamara moves out. And that’s not all – there is the handsome Will, with whom she went to kindergarten, and have always been attracted to. Now that she is on her own and forced to be in contact with him (because of her job), their mutual attraction begins burning out of control. Continue reading Review: Hot Tamara

Review: Sleeping Over

There are five engaging main characters in Sleeping Over, Stacey Ballis’s latest novel: Jess, who has just returned home from the Peace Corps and ends up in bed with the handsome and charming Dr. Harrison. Since he is known as a womanizer, Jess intends to steer clear… but why are they sleeping together every night? Robin meanwhile has been busy cozying up to Michael, who is also her boss. But they are “just friends”… although Robin is nursing strong feelings for him. Beth and Anne are sisters, and both going through man troubles of their own: Anne has just met the enchanting Chris, and is slowly falling in love. Beth has had a lot of bad luck with men – after getting out of a long relationship with a selfish but incredibly intelligent man. Lastly, there is Lilith. She is torn between an adorable and sweet bartender, and a married actor whom she can’t stop thinking about. Then there is her boyfriend… Continue reading Review: Sleeping Over

Review: Lisa Maria Takes Off

There definitely seems to be a British obsession going on in the world of chick lit! Either the main character’s love interest is British, or the character herself goes to London. It is the latter in the case of Susan Hubbard’s latest book Lisa Maria Takes Off.

The story line continues from Hubbard’s previous book Lisa Maria’s Guide For the Perplexed. Lisa Maria has decided to follow her boyfriend to London, where he is researching and completing his latest book. Unfortunately things don’t quite go as Lisa Marie had hoped. Her boyfriend seems suspiciously cozy with his gorgeous editor (who clearly dislikes Lisa); Lisa gets a call from her own editor back in New Sparta with very bad news about her column – she’s being sued. Throw in a famous rock star who seems obsessed with her and a stint at Harrods where she pretends to be a true Brit. Continue reading Review: Lisa Maria Takes Off

Review: Adventures Of An Ice Princess

Ever been dumped by your boyfriend and decide to brave Antarctica with your two best friends? I know I haven’t, so I was intrigued by the story premise enough to pick up a copy of this book.

Clarissa Schneckberg, our main heroine, had just given her notice to her company that she was going to quit and become a homemaker. After all, she was positive that her boyfriend Kieran was about to propose. Instead, Kieran ends up giving her the old heave-ho, insisting that he wanted to see other people. Clarissa is devastated, and decides to head for Antarctica with her two best friends Kate and Delilah. Continue reading Review: Adventures Of An Ice Princess

Review: Dating Can Be Deadly

Dating Can Be Deadly
by Wendy Roberts
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

Meet Tabitha. After having her purse snatched while waiting for the bus with her friend Jenny one evening, she comes across something very disturbing in a graveyard. Blessed (or is it cursed?) with the gift of clairvoyance, it’s not the first time Tabitha has been able to see visions of horrible things to come. Sure enough, she is soon thrown headlong into a mystery involving a woman’s death, two handsome men, an old abandoned building, disgusting beetle bugs, and frightening nightmares and visions. Somehow she must get to the bottom of the mystery because it seems whoever is responsible has chosen her for his next victim…

With a plethora of intriguing details about witchcraft and clairvoyance mixed in with drinks with the girls, dates with handsome unobtainable men, Continue reading Review: Dating Can Be Deadly

Review: Escape From Bridezilla

Emily Briggs, our main heroine, has just been proposed to by boyfriend Henry. Although Emily has always promised herself she wouldn’t become “one of those horrible, obsessive brides-to-be”, she starts showing signs of it right away. Her annoying mother adds into the fray, trying to take over many of the details. Throw in an attractive guy that Emily seems to have a thing for, moving into a new apartment with Henry, and more – things don’t seem to be going the way she planned. Since I was truly confused at what was going on half of the time in the story, I really can’t give a better plot synopsis.

This book had some amusing moments. The entire novel is filled with Emily’s sporadic and jumbled thoughts that get thrown in the midst of paragraphs where things are happening to characters. Some of her thoughts are funny, as Emily seems to be a vibrant and odd character. Continue reading Review: Escape From Bridezilla

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