Review: Undead And Unwed

Undead And Unwed
by Mary Janice Davidson
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

Told in first-person narrative in a chick lit tone, Undead and Unwed is a story about Elizabeth (Betsy) Taylor. Betsy is a loud, smart-mouth woman with a penchant for fine shoes. After a week from hell, she gets hit by a car and dies. However, she wakes up “undead” – in a coffin. After a few startling discoveries, she realizes that she is not only a vampire, but an extraordinary one. For instance, garlic and crosses don’t bother her in the least, and she has superhuman powers – she can scale a building, and fight off other vampires with a flick of her wrist. And more. Continue reading Review: Undead And Unwed

Review: How I Stole Her Husband

Have you ever cringed because of a book title? I certainly have on many occasions. However, I’ve discovered that some of the most awful-sounding titles cloak some of the best stories. This is one such book. I absolutely loved Liz Ireland’s previous book Three Bedrooms in Chelsea. This latest novel is yet another wonderful read!

Meet Alison Bell, our main heroine. She was once a rich girl and grew up in a very nice part of Dallas, TX, but her father has since went bankrupt and went to live the simple life on a ranch. Alison is now on her own and in her late twenties, living in a squalid apartment, and looking for a new job. She finds a wonderful opportunity in the newspaper and goes to inquire about it. The ad was looking for a nanny, with possible relocation to New York City. This particularly appeals to Alison since her best friend from college relocated there years ago. Continue reading Review: How I Stole Her Husband

Review: The Art Of Undressing

After finishing this third wonderful novel by Stephanie Lehmann, I’ve discovered a few things. First off, she is near the very top of my list of favorite writers. Second, there is a definite trend with her books. Not only do they all have daring titles that cloak true gems of the stories within the pages, but they feature main heroines that are flawed in some way, but are also seriously likeable.

In this third novel, The Art of Undressing, we have Ginger Levine. She lives with her ex-exotic dancer mother (named Coco) in Manhattan, attends cooking school paid for by her wayward father, and has just broken up with her boyfriend Ian, who seemed more interested in her mother anyway. Ginger is the complete opposite of her beautiful, outspoken and feminine mother. She dresses much more plainly and is afraid to open up and be “sexy” around men. Ginger’s main problem seems to be that she is overcompensating for her mother’s outrageous activities. She feels that she is too plain and un-sexy for a man to like her, but she doesn’t know what to do about it. Continue reading Review: The Art Of Undressing

Review: Exes And Ohs

What happens when you know something that is very important to someone – something that they don’t know, but need to know – but you can’t tell them because it will break a code of ethics at your job? That is the tough decision that Gwen Traynor, heroine of Exes and Ohs, must make, and fast – before someone finds out and gets hurt. Gwen is just finishing her Masters program at UCLA, and is interning as a therapist. One day she runs into an ex boyfriend who completely broke her heart, and just as she’s about to have a public meltdown on a busy street, along comes the handsome Alex Coughlin. He manages to calm her down, (not before she hurls her cell phone into traffic) and they end up spending the afternoon together, getting to know each other. Alex seems to be the perfect man. He is intelligent, wants a relationship, and is dying to have kids of his own some day. Continue reading Review: Exes And Ohs

Review: Summer In The City

Do opposites really attract? I definitely think so – as long as people are willing to work on their relationship. Robyn Sisman, author of Summer in the City seems to think so too.

Meet Lloyd and Suze. They are total opposites – Lloyd lives in NYC, is responsible, straight and has a devoted girlfriend named Betsy. Suze on the other hand lives in London, is unpredictable, scattered, and single. The two of them work for the same company but in different countries. When the company asks them to switch places for the summer, they both agree. Lloyd, accompanied by his perfect girlfriend Betsy move into Suze’s untidy flat in London, while Suze happily moves into their pristine apartment in NYC. Continue reading Review: Summer In The City

Review: Mim Warner’s Lost Her Cool

Expecting a light and glamorous read, I was surprised to discover that this book was actually pretty deep – if you can overcome the froth in the first part of the book.

Meet Meghan Resnick. Things are going OK for her – she is a “coolhunter” at Pravda, (a trend forecasting company), and has recently broken up with her last boyfriend Ian because he based a character in his novel (quite unflatteringly) on her. But lately her job seems to lack the excitement it once did for her. For one thing, Mim Warner, her boss and co-owner of the company, has lately been extremely careless. Her latest trend forecasts, which are outrageous and unlike her, have lost business for the company. As a matter of fact, she has horrified her fellow staff and colleagues enough for them to decide on a strategy to silence her for a while – until she “gets better”. After all, none of them will have jobs if they lose any more accounts! Continue reading Review: Mim Warner’s Lost Her Cool

Review: The Goddess Rules

It’s a plot that has been done many, many, times: sweet, caring girl has boyfriend who treats her like dirt. Girl keeps intending to leave boyfriend but is too weak. On the sidelines is an old guy friend who is cute and nice who you know girl will end up with. Girl doesn’t realize she has feelings for nice guy until nearly the end of the story. Then jerk boyfriend comes back for one more go-round. Girl realizes her mistake almost too late but ends up with nice guy in end.

Sound familiar?

The Goddess Rules by Clare Naylor features a slight variation of the above story. Meet Kate Disney. She lives in a shed, she paints animals for a living, and is unhappy with her life. Yes, the requisite gay best friend is around. But this time there is another character, the fascinating Mirri. Continue reading Review: The Goddess Rules

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