Review: The Next Big Thing

If you enjoy books that feature bigger than average women, you will absolutely adore this book. Even if you tend to steer clear of such books, you will still love this novel. The main heroine isn’t annoying, cliche or whiny – she is strong, sarcastic and will grow on you throughout the book.

Meet Kat Larson – she is overweight, slugging away in a PR company, and has a British internet boyfriend. Unfortunately he thinks she is a size four because she doctored the picture she sent him in Photoshop. Sound familiar? She isn’t exactly unhappy, but she knows she needs to improve her life in a big way. When her British boyfriend begins making noises like he wants to meet, she knows something has to be done. Continue reading Review: The Next Big Thing

Review: The Frog Prince

Meet Holly Bishop. After the devastating break-up with the gorgeous and smart Jean-Marc – who was supposed to be the Prince Charming she was to spend the rest of her life with – she is struggling to accept that she is already divorced at 25. Holly now lives alone and works as an event planner in the bustling city of San Francisco. When her boss Olivia accosts her one day and says she must either do something about her personal life or think about getting another job, Holly has little choice but to join Olivia and her friends for drinks out. Although the night is somewhat uneventful but humiliating, it shows Holly that it’s time to take control of her life. Continue reading Review: The Frog Prince

Review: Luscious Lemon

Luscious Lemon by Heather Swain is truly chick lit at its best. I found it be powerfully touching, exquisitely detailed and highly readable.

Lemon, the main heroine of the book, is strong, hard-working and an excellent cook. As a matter of fact, she owns her own restaurant in NYC and is trying (so far unsuccessfully) to turn the place into something profitable. Her devoted boyfriend is dropping marriage hints, but she just doesn’t have time or desire to settle down until she has made her restaurant into something spectactular. However, it soon becomes apparent that she is pregnant, but she is so busy that she doesn’t realize it right away. Continue reading Review: Luscious Lemon

Review: Reinventing Mona

Ever get tired of your mundane life and set out to reinvent yourself and go for what you want, no holds barred? If so, you are in good company – we all have at some point. This is also the scenario that Mona, the main character in this novel, is in.

When her company offers some of their employees early retirement (as a way to cut back on layoffs), Mona jumps at the chance. She takes the modest package and decides to spend her free time making over herself and getting the man of her dreams (a tax accountant named Adam). She hasn’t seen or spoken to him in some time, and he barely (if at all) knows she exists, but why should that stop her? Her recently deceased grandmother (with whom Mona grew up with, since the rest of her family perished in a terrible accident in Montana when she was a young girl) had always said he would make the perfect man to marry. Continue reading Review: Reinventing Mona

Review: Couch World

Ever dream of leaving it all behind and pursuing your dream? How about going so far as to living on friend’s couches in order to stay truly mobile and free? That’s exactly what PJ, main heroine of the story, has done. Once a Systems Analyst at a major hospital in the Bay Area, PJ now is a well-known punter (back-up D.J.) who spins her own blend of music at various glam clubs a couple nights a week. Her good friend Sticky, a popular and well-loved bouncer, hooks her up with friends’ couches. PJ may not have a place of her own, but she is independant, self-contained, and doing what she likes best.

When famous Jonathan Hadeis “discovers” PJ one night and offers to manage her, she isn’t sure what to make of it. Meanwhile Samantha, a 19-year old struggling model, is determined to make Jonathan her own. Continue reading Review: Couch World

Review: Citizen Girl

After seeing all the bad reviews of this book, of course I was curious to read it! The main heroine of the story is Girl (yep, that’s her name). She is stuck in a job with a boss from hell and a tiny studio apartment in the city. However, her job doesn’t last long – after stealing a year’s worth of research from her, Girl’s boss Doris fires her unceremoniously. Girl enters the desperate world of job seeking, and through a series of accidental meetings she lands a job at My Company. (Yeah, that’s the name of the actual company.) Guy, her loud, obnoxious boss spends most of his time screaming obscenities into his cell phone, and doesn’t exactly make clear exactly what she’s supposed to do. As a result, she spends half of her time trying to figure that out, and the other half covering up her mistakes when she discovers her original assumptions were wrong. If that isn’t enough, the people she is subletting her apartment from notify her that she has to move immediately, as they need to take possession of it. Continue reading Review: Citizen Girl

Review: Dress Rehearsal

Meet Lauren Gallagher. She runs her own Wedding Cake business called “Lauren’s Luscious Licks” in Boston. Single and determined to stay that way until she finds the perfect man, Lauren discovers she is able to predict the future of a couple based on their body language, and the way their cake tasting appointment goes. Never mind the fact that Maria, the spicy, outspoken cook who runs the kitchen and baking part of the business, thinks she is crazy.

Lauren has almost more than she can handle going on in her life when a handsome divorce lawyer named Charlie swoops in. Lauren is smitten, but then he announces that he is not looking to settle down and get married. Lauren is disappointed, but understands. After all, she doesn’t want to settle for less than the absolute perfect person, either. At the same time, her best friend Paige is about to marry a guy that Lauren is positive is not right for her. Together with their other friend Robin, they decide to try and stop Paige from making a huge mistake. Just when things couldn’t get any crazier, Neil, an ex-boyfriend of Laurens, comes back into her life. This time though, he’s looking for a wedding cake – for his own wedding, which is planned. Continue reading Review: Dress Rehearsal

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