Review: White Bikini Panties

White Bikini Panties by Kelly James-Enger had the ingredients of a good chick lit read: a likeable and less-than-perfect heroine with an adorable, smart and sweet boyfriend who she had just found cheating on her; a semi-good job with the requisite catty coworker and gay friend. It’s the classic, original chick lit forumla, but does it work every time? Thankfully it did this time.

Trina is 28 years old and just living. When she finds her sweet, computer-obsessed boyfriend is found in his living room making out with another girl, she figures it’s time to move on. Trina is understandably disappointed, but decides it is time to move on. So she does. First there is the irresistable Javier, who only seems to call her once in a blue moon. Then there is Pete, the “guy’s guy” who seems to be pretty interesting after all, despite his initial impression; At the same time her job is going through a “reorganization” which could either land her a promotion or the ax. When she discovers a very unpleasant ailment that one of her boyfriends apparently gave her, she has to find out who is responsible. Continue reading Review: White Bikini Panties

Review: Don’t Even Think About It

A love triangle can be a pretty sticky situation to begin with. What happens when you add in a fourth angle? Would it be considered a love square? Perhaps. In any case, this is the scenario that the characters face in Lauren Henderson’s latest novel. In my opinion, there is nothing more enticing then a juicy, intriguing chick lit book filled with offbeat characters and situations.

Katie and Michael have recently become an item and seem to be madly in love. The only problem is, Michael still lives across the street, and is best friends with Sally, one of his ex-girlfriends. Not only that but Sally seems to still have feelings for Michael, and enjoys flaunting her intimate knowledge of Michael’s habits in Katie’s face. Jude is Sally’s best friend and wants nothing more than to see Sally back together with Michael, and Katie out of the picture. Meanwhile Jude is dealing with her own new workaholic boyfriend Scott, who doesn’t seem to get along with her friends. For the time being, at least, Katie and Michael seem to be very much into each other and faithful. Continue reading Review: Don’t Even Think About It

Review: Hit Reply

When I sat down to read this book, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it that much because, to be perfectly honest, I don’t like reading novels that consist of emails, instant messages, phone conversations, etc. Usually I find these books leave a lot to be desired, as often one character’s voice doesn’t sound very different than the other. However, this book was amazing. Not only did each character have their own distinctive voice, but the characters were hilarious, amusing, and realistic. The story line itself was absorbing and fun.

Hit Reply tells the story of many different characters in different states of their lives. There is Amber, the sarcastic yet hilarious woman living in Boston, who works at Milennia Marketing and has just reconnected with an old flame from high school. Gray, Amber’s “old flame” is living in another state with another woman and her child, but is soon trading loving, tender and sweet emails and Instant Messages with Amber. Continue reading Review: Hit Reply

Review: English As A Second Language

Ever wonder what it’s like to go to grad school in the UK? Are you endlessly fascinated with the British and/or the UK in general? Whether you answered yes or no to either question, you will still enjoy this book.

Alexandra Brennan is the main heroine in the novel. She is living in New York City and generally bored in life. When her ex-boyfriend tells her she wouldn’t be able to get into Grad School in the UK, she takes that as a challenge – and gets in. With a full-on caffeine addiction and a penchance for alcohol, Alexandra wastes no time in throwing herself into the British Grad-school life. Continue reading Review: English As A Second Language

Review: Friday Night Cocktails

Friday Night Cocktails
by Allison Rushby
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

When I had heard what this book was supposed to be about, I was intrigued. I quickly raced down to the bookstore and grabbed a copy. What better premise can you imagine – two women decide one night (after having a few drinks) to put a list of “bastards” on the internet, only to have the list become extremely popular and get out of hand? I knew it would be good. And I was right – it was really good.

Gemma and Sarah have been friends forever. Along with their friendship, a list has survived over the years – a list they fondly call “the bastard list.” This list is made up of a the names of guys that had earned the name in one way or another. One night after a few too many cocktails, they decide to put the list up on the internet. Gemma not only puts up the list, but gets the word out to the virtual world about it. Before they know it, Continue reading Review: Friday Night Cocktails

Review: Look Closely

With three previous regular chick lit novels under her belt, Laura Caldwell’s latest book Look Closely is a suspense/mystery chick lit novel – one that I found hard to put down.

It all begins when New York City Attorney Hailey Sutter receives an anonymous letter one day that simply reads: “There is no statute of limitations on murder. Look closely”. Immediately Hailey knows that the note has something to do with her mother’s death, which happened over twenty years ago but has always been shrouded in mystery and silence. As a matter of fact, she has been estranged from her sister and brother her entire adult life, and her father, who practices for the same law firm as Hailey, always closes up whenever the subject is brought up. Continue reading Review: Look Closely

Review: Shopaholic And Sister

I have to admit that the novels in the Shopaholic series are some of my absolute favorite chick lit books around. So, be aware that this review is based on the UK version of this book, since I couldn’t wait for it to be released in the USA and had bought it the moment it became available in the UK.

So here we are at book four. Becky is now happily married to Luke, is traveling around the world with him on an extended honeymoon, and still has a desire for shopping. However, after about nine months of schlepping around the world, they decide to return to reality. Overnight Luke turns from the hippie-like nomad he’d been on the honeymoon into his old business-like self again. Becky meanwhile can’t wait to get home and surprise everyone and share stories about their world travel. Continue reading Review: Shopaholic And Sister

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