She’s The One by Belle Rose

She's The One by Belle Rose

BOOK DESCRIPTION: In She’s the One!, author Belle Rose has written a highly entertaining novel filled with laughs, sex and secrets about lost and found relationships. Based loosely on a true story featured in The New York Times, the novel follows the youthful misadventures of Angel Delmonico, a beautiful strawberry blond and recent college graduate, miserable with both her job and her boyfriend, Roger, who ruthlessly limits their dates to Friday rather than Saturday nights. Angel shares the spotlight with Gloriana “Glory” Hunter, a feisty 38-year-old real estate agent whose life is held captive to a secret she keeps hidden even from her closest friends. With a cast of characters that also includes a raging alcoholic, a Main Line matron with a porn star past, an elusive but illustrious gynecological surgeon, a hapless father and a Mafia baby broker, She’s the One! links Angel and Glory in a hilarious and always unpredictable romp that ends in a delicious and unforgettable climax.

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