Brave Hart by Kristofer Spyrou

Brave Hart by Kristofer Spyrou

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Stella Hart, is an insecure woman on a mission. She speaks Money, prays to Vogue and drinks like a fish.

As she is counting her five pillars of happiness, she realizes that love is what is missing from her life.

When ‘Mr Right’ comes along, she is questioning the meaning of relationships, until everything goes wrong. Really Wrong!
She has no idea that this journey will cost her miles, calories and alcohol units. A journey where it doesn’t end where it was supposed to.

From the luminous city of Paris to the spicy New Delhi, she embarks on an adventurous quest to find that most elusive of things: a Happy Ending.

Will she find what she is looking for? Or will Stella Hart’s questions about love and commitment remain unanswered?

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