Review: The Divorce Party

The Divorce Party
by Laura Dave
reviewed by Kelly Y. Smith, Guest reviewer
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Set in Montauk at the family home, Huntington Hall, The Divorce Party takes a look at the lives of two women, Gwyn Huntington and her (soon-to-be?) daughter-in-law, Maggie, as they each navigate the status of their respective relationships; Gwyn with husband Thomas and Maggie with Nate, Gwyn and Thomas’s son. Gwyn and Thomas are throwing themselves a Divorce Party, which, it appears, is the civilized thing to do when a marriage of thirty-some years runs its course and the couple have nothing but respect and admiration for one another. Maggie is invited to the party by Nate, which is the first time that Maggie will be meeting Gwyn and Thomas. Maggie thinks the occasion is a bit odd for a first time meeting but goes along with it. Continue reading Review: The Divorce Party

Review: The Hazards Of Sleeping Alone

The Hazards of Sleeping Alone
by Elise Juska
reviewed by Rian Montgomery
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This book tells the heartwarming, intriguing story of Charlotte, a divorced woman who has lived alone in New Jersey every since her free-spirited and passionate daughter went off to college. With her ex husband living in Seattle, Charlotte is just fine going about her life on her own. Although Charlotte misses her daughter Emily and is always wondering what she is doing, things are okay in her life. After all, she has her routines to occupy her time.

However Emily, who now lives in New Hampshire with her boyfriend and two eccentric roommates, Continue reading Review: The Hazards Of Sleeping Alone

Review: The Younger Man

The Younger Man
by Sarah Tucker
Red Dress Ink, January 2006
reviewed by Rian Montgomery

Having enjoyed Sarah Tucker’s first novel, but not her second, I was still interested in reading her latest release The Younger Man. Tucker has an interesting, breathless, and detailed way of telling a story that I have to admit intrigues me.

Meet Hazel Chamberlayne. She is almost forty, beautiful, divorced with one child who is about to enter college. Being that she is a divorce lawyer, you would think that she was hardened and not looking for her true love. But strangely that isn’t the case. She has a tight circle of friends (known as “the girls”) all with their own lives and love problems. And things are OK. Continue reading Review: The Younger Man