Book Review: Then Came You

Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner

Reviewed by Jessica Morgan


India, Jules, and Annie are at different stages in their lives but when decisions they each make bring them into each other’s lives, they are forever changed.

India is a young wife married to Marcus, a wealthy businessman. She desires to become a mother for reasons she doesn’t want to admit. Her step daughter, Bettina, suspects that she is only in it for the money and uncovers secrets about India she was never meant to find.

Jules is a student at Princeton faced with financially supporting herself and maintaining her scholarship. When her Dad’s battle with addiction reaches a new level, she plans to sell her eggs in order to raise the money for his care.

Annie is a stay at home mom whose family is feeling the weight of their financial struggles. When she decides to carry a child for another family for the renewed sense of purpose and financial gain, she is forced to manage the outcome of her choice.

Then Came You is a story that explores the reality of our circumstances and the complexities of our choices.


This novel is a depiction about how our presumptions, responsibilities, and desires cultivate our lives. The tale of these three women is layered and full of discoveries.

India is the great mystery. Just about the time you think you might dislike her, the motivations behind her actions are revealed calling into question your presumptions about her. Annie is the heart of the story. Throughout the entire book, I battled with my feelings about the risk she took and the impact it had on her own family. At the same time, you can’t help but to have some admiration for Annie. Jules is the character I found myself rooting for and hoping that she found a happy ending.

There are aspects of these three characters most women could relate to based on your own experiences or because of a woman you know. You will laugh, cringe and explore your own ideals of motherhood.

3.5 Stars

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